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    Sell me on your Case Trimmer

    I had an old harbor freight wood lathe laying around and I hate case trimming so here's what I did. I bought a $15 lathe adapter and Frankford arsenal drill chuck case trimmer. Put the two together and viola! Can trim about 200 cases in a 1/2 hr with sizing varying between 1.911 and 1.908. Not...
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    Fair enough
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    UM GM New Reamers on the Way

    When is UM going to start doing Tikka prefits? I heard rumblings of it but nothing on the website. If so what would the pricing look like?
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    I would not like laminate
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    300wsm vs 7prc vs 7rem mag?

    This is why we love Tikkas
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    T3 T3X bolt compatibility

    Ok that's what I figured! Thanks!
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    T3 T3X bolt compatibility

    So I was tossing around the idea of picking up an old T3 sitting in my LGS and turning it into a project rifle. But I was curious if the T3 bolts are compatible with a T3X action? Will it headspace perfectly? I imagine it's totally possible because of all the bolt swaps here on RS. But haven't...
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    Maven RS1.2 2.5-15x44 new model

    @Formidilosus in light of the revelation that maven has indeed been working with you and Ryan can we expect a fixed 6x or 8x sub 18 oz scope in the future?
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    Brass was probably hitting it and knocking it back into the chamber
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    Tikka T3x Superlite 308 win with Vortex Viper HS 4-16x50 - Which Rings?

    I have two Tikkas with the direct mount UM low rings and I haven't had any issues.
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    Yeah I could go for a wood stock
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    Stock options.
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    Yeah but when you start to pick stuff apart it's nothing like it. Toe isn't flat (curved?) Comb isn't as negative and isn't above boreline Forend doesn't have the same shape and isn't really parallel with the bore Trigger reach appears longer than rokstock and looks similar to original VG.
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    “Meaningful” differences 6.5 cm be 308?

    Welcome to Rokslide! Here is a database of real world cartridge/bullet experiences people have been having. You will find the data to be eye opening. I'd recommend starting with the .223 thread as its the premise of what the other threads are built on...
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    I resemble that remark. But also I'm not concerned about the shape of the stock itself as I'm putting my trust into people who know more about proper design than I do.
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    That. was. amazing. 🤯
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    Also does when you ordered correspond to how soon you receive your stock?
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    Essential carbon fiber purchase for mental health and general manly wellbeing
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    Lightweight Tikka Action?

    No kidding
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    I went dead cat contour