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    What’s he score?

  2. J

    2021 Best Buck Mule Deer Photo Contest

    Final day of CO 3rd season.
  3. J

    Denver Area Bow Shops

    I am going to be in Denver for a week in September. Is therr an archery shop that has a video wall to shoot at simulated animals? Thanks for the help.
  4. J

    Christensen Ridgeline TI... 3 strikes and out!!

    I have had 2 in the family. 28 and 26 nosler. I dont have them anymore and wont buy another.
  5. J

    15-20 Ford F-150

    2012 F150 3.5 Eco. 209,000 miles and still rolling.
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    Survey - Will the CPW system crash today for Leftovers?

    What a joke. Did everything exactly like it said and it still crashed for me.
  7. J

    Survey - Will the CPW system crash today for Leftovers?

    Did yall proceed passed the resident page before 9 am?
  8. J

    Colorado archery near telluride

    This trip will be very difficult. Before you even think about the hunting aspect, please have all your gear in order. I mean starting from your feet. Boots are critical. Make sure all your gear is up to snuff for this or it will not be a fun camping trip.
  9. J

    CO secondary draw

    They are taking their sweet time on this one.
  10. J

    Colorado draw results!

    Does the CC show pending from Colorado DOW? Or are you all showing the actual tag costs hit?
  11. J

    Idaho Cam checks and elk shed walking 🤩

    Great pics. Thx for sharing.
  12. J

    Western Land Prices

    Supply and demand. Youd be stunned at how much money is out there. The ones that took advantage of last March, made a ton of money.
  13. J

    CO 1st Rifle

    The Gunnison basin did have a kill off this winter. A lot of elk and muley road kill as well.
  14. J

    CO 1st Rifle

    To not see elk in 55 is unbelievable. Wow.
  15. J

    CO 1st Rifle

    Heard 2 shots. Couldn't get a shot for my wife at at 5*5 in dark timber. He was surrounded by cows. Minimal bugling and probably 30% elk population of what I am used to. It was bad.
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    Score Estimates

  17. J

    Judge this buck

    I think 165-170.
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    Pick a 6.5 Creedmoor Bullet for Elk

    I don't disagree with that statement, but to say a 6.5 CM is a 300 yard rifle is just not accurate.
  19. J

    Pick a 6.5 Creedmoor Bullet for Elk

    At am altitude above 5000 the 127 gr lrx has an energy over 1000 all the way to 600. Why people still think they should carry bazookas in woods all the time, is beyond me.