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  1. BroodBuster

    Planning Family Alaska Trip

    I’d end the trip with a halibut and cod charter. May as well fill the freezer while your there.
  2. BroodBuster

    Drift Boat Newbie

    Got a picture? My glass drifter has all sorts of battle scars that have zero effect on row ability or its integrity. They can withstand a LOT damage and abuse. Rowing in the wind does suck but fishing in the wind also sucks so I just go beach combing or for a hike instead.
  3. BroodBuster

    First snow

    No snow here. Just a dusting of ash on everything this morning.
  4. BroodBuster

    Neighbors Tesla catches fire with a garage full of ammo

    Quite an exciting day yesterday in the neighborhood. Rumors differ on how or why it caught fire but thankfully no-one was hurt. Apparently this is not that uncommon. You can hear the ammo cooking off in the video.
  5. BroodBuster

    Outboard Boat Motors?

    I've very happy with my '18 Suzuki with zero issues and a lot of use.
  6. BroodBuster

    Drilling in Yellowstone….could save America

    I’m no geo-physicist but as the drill approached the magma chamber wouldn’t it melt plugging the hole???
  7. BroodBuster

    Friendly reminder……

    I opted for the yearly plan. I spend so much time on backroads all year, with little to no cell coverage, that I figure my chances of being a 1st responder to a car accident to be much more likely than me getting hurt of lost on a mountainside.
  8. BroodBuster

    Hiking/trail/ everyday shoe

    I wear these everyday including on trail hikes. I’m on my 2nd pair and got about a year out of the first pair. My foot is right between a normal width and wide and these fit perfect.
  9. BroodBuster

    Tyvek and Plastic Garbage Bags

    Integral Designs but I’m not sure they still exist.
  10. BroodBuster

    Tyvek and Plastic Garbage Bags

    I’m firmly in the 8x10 siltarp only leaves the pack when being used camp. And it gets used a lot. Unfortunately, for me, care of game meat isn’t it’s primary use but it’s always there. The last elk I quartered was in a recent burn zone ash field. The siltarp was a critical piece of gear in...
  11. BroodBuster

    Where is the best place to see bears in Utah?

    Take up berry picking. You’ll see bears soon enough. I’m assuming wild berries exist in Utah of course.
  12. BroodBuster


    I heard it on the radio while in route to a class at the Boeing Renton plant. The class was being taught by a vendor who couldn’t figure out why a class of Boeing employees would be so distraught over something that happened in NY. WTF! We all walked out after about an hour of her nonsense...
  13. BroodBuster


    Well the Cascades and OP are open for hiking. And it’s been spectacular all season. Best air quality we’ve had in at least the last five years. Very crowded though. I don’t ever remember seeing so many out of state plates. I think every van lifer has made it out this way in the last few weeks...
  14. BroodBuster

    Alaska vs Washington fishing charter

    This is no contest. Your flight to Ak will mostly be filled with Wa fishermen which is a clear indicator of just how poor the fishing/seasons have become here. All my guide friends now spend their summers in Ak.
  15. BroodBuster

    Anyone from Walla Walla?

    Find pheasant release sites near you. They typically allow access 12 months a year for dog training. May need to call the WDFW region bio as their website sucks. Ask them to send the Pheasant report and list of release sites. They used to have paper copies available at the office years ago...
  16. BroodBuster

    Everyone ready for lockdown 2.0?

    If we stopped testing people who are not sick there would be very few new cases.
  17. BroodBuster

    Any Mountaineering people out there?

    I don’t know a whole lot about mountaineering but I got a good look at the Emmons glacier route up Rainier yesterday. That’s one BIG sucker and anybody making that climb is badass in my opinion! I saw the Alpine Ascents van at the trailhead so they are an option if you want a structured/guided...
  18. BroodBuster

    Tourist traps…

    I’ve been to most major cities in the US and always eat out when traveling and finding great restaurants is easy. Pick a neighborhood and wander aimlessly about. While checking out menus poke your head inside and check it out. Is it filled with locals or tourists? Mom and pop or a corporate...
  19. BroodBuster

    suppressed grouse rimfire....

    I love my Savage .17 hmr. It’s a grouse killing machine.
  20. BroodBuster

    Dog names

    Penny Tyee Napoleon (Nap in the field) Sage Leaning towards Coulee for my next pup