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  1. Titan_Bow

    Snowshoe hare in Colorado?

    Hey guys, I normally drive out to Craig to rabbit hunt and have always had good luck out there. I recently moved from the Front Range up into the foothills a bit. I’m going to get out and start chasing some bunnies here closer to the new house. Anyone get into snowshoes (or cottontails for that...
  2. Titan_Bow

    Incredible development in hunting technology

    One of the first things I learned to always have in my pack when I was in the Army back in the 90's, was baby wipes or wet wipes. I guess I was more surprised to learn 30 years later that not everyone carries them LOL.
  3. Titan_Bow

    Lakes in CO to hike into to fish

    Look up the book “A Fly Fishing Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park” by Steven Schweitzer. It’s probably the most comprehensive resource for fishing the park, what lakes and streams hold fish and what species. I fish the park a lot, despite the crowds at trailheads, there’s some really good...
  4. Titan_Bow

    What items do you carry multiples of while in the backcountry?

    As I’ve gotten older, one thing I carry 2 of now are cheap reading glasses. Usually one pair in my shirt or jacket pocket and a pair in my pack. I invariably leave a pair laying on the ground where I’d been sitting and glassing or just waiting in ambush for a while. I keep an extra release in...
  5. Titan_Bow

    Which Toyota 4Runner?

    I’ve got a 21 4Runner. Mine is the Venture model. It sits between the TRD Pro and TRD Off Road. It’s got all the TRD stuff; Ie. leather heated seats, diff lock, crawl control, the manual 4wd lever, TRD wheels. It doesn’t have the TRD Pro suspension or beefier skid plate of the Pro. For me, I...
  6. Titan_Bow

    270 wsm vs 6.5 CM

    I've got both, I've shot animals with both. I bought the 270WSM when I moved to Colorado, got a great deal on it and thought it would make a good rifle for elk, deer, etc. Picked up the 6.5 for my son for his first elk rifle. He shot a big cow at 200 yards and it just anchored her right there...
  7. Titan_Bow

    Target Shooting in Colorado Foothills? To be fair, its not all the forest, and theres probably somewhere to go, I just need to keep looking. I was driving around today though, and it seemed like every place that looked like historically people used to shoot there was in...
  8. Titan_Bow

    Target Shooting in Colorado Foothills?

    Hey guys, I just moved from Broomfield up into the foothills west of Boulder. My place isnt conducive for shooting due to close neighbors, etc. so I started looking at the local NF. Evidently, damn near all the surrounding NF has a shooting ban in place. When I was Broomfield, I would...
  9. Titan_Bow

    dehydrator recommendations

    I’ve got the big 10 tray unit from Cabela’s and it has been good to me. I’ve had it for probably 7 or 8 years now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Titan_Bow

    WTS Kuiu WindPro Fleece jacket

    SPF Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Titan_Bow

    WTS Kuiu WindPro Fleece jacket

    This is brand new still with tags. Size is XL. I kept it thinking I’d lose a little weight and fit into it, but I got impatient and just bought another in 2XL instead. I should have sent this back but just never got around to it. $110 TYD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Titan_Bow

    Pic rail screw head stripped - help!!

    I was going to suggest the same thing, I had to do this recently with an AR handguard thst someone (meaning me [emoji12]) got a little over zealous tightening the hex head screws that mate the hand guard to the receiver. I ended up using a small dremel grinding wheel, cut a slot across the head...
  13. Titan_Bow

    Unlimited PTO?!?

    I’ve been on this setup for about 3 years now and it’s not really any different. I find myself taking about 3 weeks of vacation a year, with some random days thrown in here or there. That’s about what I’d have taken given my seniority at the company had it been accrued vacation. It’s not like...
  14. Titan_Bow

    Freezing heart

    Ive frozen them a couple times, they were fine. Like others, its usually the first thing that gets eaten for me and my kids. I cut off all the thick white fat, and then butterfly it open, it opens like a book almost. Then, carefully cut out all that webbing looking stuff, as it can be really...
  15. Titan_Bow

    Turning old taxidermy into a European mount?

    My first deer has a lot of sentimental value to me, I shot this buck when I was 12 years old and the taxidermy was done by a local dude who just did it on the side. It’s not aged all that well and it’s just lived in my basement with all my hunting and outdoor gear. In general, I’m just not a fan...
  16. Titan_Bow


    How much are you guys seeing BP increase? I’ve got high BP but I’m able to keep mid 120’s over mid 80’s with diet and exercise. I don’t want to be on BP medication. My cardiologist told me to not even think about TRT. I’m 48, eat healthy and exercise daily but can’t lose weight, feel tired and...
  17. Titan_Bow

    Legitimate benefits to lifting a vehicle?

    I’ve got a ‘21 4Runner Venture model, one step down from the TRD Pro I believe. It’s got the rear diff locker, good skid plates, nice leather. Right now it’s got 50k miles and I plan to drive it for as long as it’ll provide reliable and trouble free operation. I keep getting the bug to lift it...
  18. Titan_Bow

    Do you keep your vehicle clean?

    I keep the inside pretty clean but really only wash it after going somewhere with mud. I remember several years ago I was out in western Nebraska and it rained buckets for a few days while I was turkey hunting. I drive home and didn’t wash my truck for a few weeks. When I finally got around to...
  19. Titan_Bow

    Mountainsmith Shelter LT almost 60% Off

    Used mine for a week of high country mulie hunting a couple weeks ago. It worked well, especially for the price. I did get some condensation in it one night, but figured how to open and vent it out a little and it was no longer a problem. Stakes that came with it are garbage, replaced those with...
  20. Titan_Bow

    AR handguard

    I went with a Sergeant of Arms, I really like it. It’s got a built in ARCA rail along the bottom length, works well shooting off a tripod Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk