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    WTB High end binos

  2. EastMT

    WTS Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T 1-3x14

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    WTT 4lbs of RL26 in eastern MT

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    biden banned russian oil import.

    On a serious note, I planned on closer to home, less hero-esk hunts this year to save costs. Will spend some time floating the Yellowstone, archery hunting locally, just not going to spend a ton of time scouting. May borrow the wife’s RAV4 and put a kiddie pool in the back for blood haha
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    biden banned russian oil import.

    Gas is going to be $11 in Montana by hunting season. Heard they were subsidizing gas in Idaho for hunters, you may want to check that place out 😬
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    Sold Cheap binoculars for 3yo daughter

    I found them on eBay, I just looked them up and they are $100 now, unreal! 6 months and 100% inflation, dang! Well they aren’t as cheap as I thought any more!
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    Sold Cheap binoculars for 3yo daughter

    I picked up my boy a pair of these Bushnell 8x32 last fall, for $50 I’m pretty impressed honestly. They are clear and bright, I’ve used them a couple times when I didn’t have mine and his were laying in the back seat, worked just fine.
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    Component availability

    I was at a gun show talking to a dealer today, he said we are looking at $50-60 dealer cost on powder this year, that’s what his distributor told him. On another note I have 4lbs of RL26 that I’d like to trade for some benchmark. I bought it to try out in my WSM, but decided my w760 works just...
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    Best all-around butchering knife

    Victorinox is my go to, with a custom sheath. I use the 4” rabbit knife for most hunts, 5” boning knife is nice as well. The sheep skinner is a nice all around knife if you want a little stouter blade.
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    Kodiak combo

    Lol, yeah there are a few posts on here and he used to post on here a bit as well. We did a February goat hunt with him and really enjoyed it. I haven’t deer hunted with him, but know guys who have. He grew up in old harbor, and his story about how he ended up guiding is pretty funny. He’s a...
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    Kodiak combo

    Jeff is one of the best guys you will run into. Funny, good operation. House you stay in is warm, wood stove, his wife cooks more food than you can eat. Never heard a bad word about him.
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    Kodiak combo

    Double post for some reason
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    Potential move to Alaska

    Having grown up in Montana and lived in Alaska for almost a decade, there really is no comparison. It’s the best there is available. There are some things that are a pain, but overall it’s amazing. I’ve lived in Fairbanks, Palmer, Kenai peninsula, a few of my opinions. Soldotna is perfect if...
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    Component availability

    I spoke to my local gun shop that has had a few powder/primer shipments monthly. He said the powder manufacturer told them last month that they would be changing to a quarterly shipment, and that’s all they could do. So I think it’s going to get worse for components I’m afraid.