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    FS- Hilleberg Anjan 2GT Tent ( as New)

    Northernpiker- Thanks for the kind words!
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    FS- Hilleberg Anjan 2GT Tent ( as New)

    Tent has now been sold
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    FS- Hilleberg Anjan 2GT Tent ( as New)

    Selling a Hilleberg Anjan 2 GT tent. Model is green. Tent is as new, as it was only set up outside in my backyard and slept in that one night. Conditions were dry and tent was put up in pristine condition. Tent was purchased this spring. I am selling this because I have not used it and because...
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    Eugene Oregon Area Packs

    I have a couple SG packs- a Krux frame one and a new x-curve. I would be willing to have you check them out. My Krux frame solo bag combo is probably going to be listed for sale soon.
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    Underrated or Overlooked Spotters?

    Agree with those above that mentioned the Nikon ED Fieldscopes. I compared a 82 mm that ran very, very close to a Swarovski 80 HD that I spent 2 weeks side by siding them. In fact the Nikon may have been the sharper of the (2) as far as apparent resolution. The Nikon 82 was sharper and brighter...
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    Anyone used heat packs in their bag?

    I have used the Nalgene bottle trick for years; and my wife swears by it. It is still somewhat warm in the AM- especially when put inside a wool sock. Before I used the Nalgene bottles I used to grab a rock out of a fire (if I had one going) and let it cool for just a bit- enough so you could...
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    "sleep" system for daypack

    If I am packing for a all day hunt and it is potential for rough weather nite, I will throw into my pack my small WM Highlite and have that stuffed into a TG bivy. I usually always have my GL poncho in my pack already for fall day hunts. I usually always have a 10" CS sit pad; and I may put in a...
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    Binocular question

    Not trying to really question your experience; but.... I have tested and glassed with both the SLC and EL in all sorts of conditions and light. And you do not get more "foggy and moist" than in western Oregon and Washington; and it does not get much more hot and dry than in the high desert in...
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    Binocular question

    There not. And I have had both versions in a couple of different sizes. And have spent hours, and hours for a number of weeks doing side by side glassing. For sharpness (apparent resolution of details); clarity; colors; low light, you name the optical test- the SLC HD glass hangs completely with...
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    Stone Glatier Solo 3300

    Love the Solo! It s my most used pack by far. I would also get a 4500-5000 ci Solo style if one was made. Not sure for most trips that I would even need bigger than the Solo 3300 size, but for those that did I would use that style bag for 4500-5000. I believe the Solo is the one Kurt uses the...
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    Wtb:: Hilleberg tent

    You sent me a message to see if my tent is still available; and yes I do have a Hilleberg to sell. But I tried to PM you back and your inbox is full Thanks Edit- thanks for call back- nice talking to you. Will talk when get back
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    How high of magnification do you use on your spotter?

    Usually I use 25-40 for most of my glassing on my Nikon ED Fieldscope 25-75x82. But if conditions are right it is extremely crisp and sharp at 75x; and I won't hesitate to crank it up to that for a close look.
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    whats your spotter setup weigh?

    I am fully in agreement with regards as to how good the Nikon 82 ED Fieldscope is. I have the same spotter; with both the 25-75 zoom and a 30x wide angle fixed EP. I also have extensively compared the spotter to the 80 HD Swaro, and the Meopta 82. My conclusion was that the Nikon Fieldscope did...
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    School me on Swarovski CL Companion

    IMO- the CL is good (and 8x in a 30mm sized glass would be my choice). But, and here is where my opinion comes in- if you can pick up a recent model 8x30 Swaro SLC ( now discontinued), it is a better binocular than the CL. This is not only my opinion, but shared by many that have tested both. I...
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    Bino Harness for 8x32

    Rick young harness. Not a bino chest pouch, but a great light weight harness. Even works with 42mm binos
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    My vote from your list would be the SLC HD's. Except I have the 8x42's; but I also hunt a lot of timber. I also have a very good 10x42 ( non Swarovski) that I can use when I need a 10; and a good 8x32 (non Swaro) when I want to go small. My primary glass use is more than met with the 8x42 SLC...
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    How to access threading for Swarovski slc tripod adapter?

    BTW- if you are interested in one of the Swarovski made adapters, I have one of the Swaro SLC adapters that has only been used a couple of times that I was planning on listing for sale soon.
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    How to access threading for Swarovski slc tripod adapter?

    OK- on the under side you will see (2) small indentations on the black plastic cap part. Just put a small screw driver, pocket knife or coin under that and it will pop right off.
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    How to access threading for Swarovski slc tripod adapter?

    I know that there is female threads under that front cap. And the instructions that come with the SLC's show it to be there.
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    How to access threading for Swarovski slc tripod adapter?

    If it is one of the newer HD style versions, the front black cap ( with the Hawk) will be plastic and you just pop that off from the under side using either a coin or a small screw driver. Just gently slip either of those under the cap and pop it off. You will see the standard size threads for...