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  1. Desk Jockey

    Lightest weight higher end scope

    Not to derail, but is there some super-high-end German/ Japanese mega pricey scope that is made of angel tears and unicorn farts that weighs next to nothing And works like a friggin laser? My “high end“ scopes are nightforce and a couple of decent leupolds So I don’t really have a great...
  2. Desk Jockey

    Soooo I’m thinking about .243- few questions

    I hunted with a guy running a 243 last week and it has me intrigued. What is the recoil on one of those like? I assume it is somewhere in between a 7.62x 39 and 223 but not sure which end of the spectrum it is closer to.
  3. Desk Jockey

    Barriers for new hunters? (Poll)

    I think it is lack of knowledge coupled with land access. If you are in certain (mostly western) states, land is less of an issue but here in the east, Public Land is more rare and it doesn’t always offer the best hunting opportunities.
  4. Desk Jockey

    Lightweight tent that doesn't use trekking poles

    durston has had Stand alone poles for a while. I like mine for base camping so I can leave my tent up while out hunting.
  5. Desk Jockey

    Sitka jacket as a durable outer layer

    IMo soft shells come in a spectrum that basically trades off breathability for weather and waterproofness. The Sitka EVO mountain is super breathable but not going to be very weather proof. The jetstream is a Jack of all trades master of none soft shell but probably the closest thing they...
  6. Desk Jockey

    Kuiu vs Mystery Ranch Packs

    Never used a kuiu pack but I am an MR fanboy of sorts. the beartooth is a good pack. It does fine for long haul but I liked mine a little less when it was full. It you are looking for something in the same category, the metcalf is worth a look and they are rolling out a new version so the...
  7. Desk Jockey

    Does KUIU have an Edge

    i prefer their fit as well. Big fan of their attack pants, grid fleece ad that airy fabric in the Tiburons. Back in the Jason days (RIP) i remember They were always pointing out some whacky Japanese tech fabric or something. I couldn’t tell you how much of that was verifiable truth vs...
  8. Desk Jockey

    MDWi Jacket/Hoody vs Ambient Jacket/Hoody

    I think Barklow drank too of the alpha / evolve koolaid and they ended up with a little oversupply issue. I can imagine the call with Sitka leadership: Sitka people: Fine, John, make the blankets, but next time don’t order so much insulation. Barklow: OK. Blankets, yes. Where are we on...
  9. Desk Jockey

    MDWi Jacket/Hoody vs Ambient Jacket/Hoody

    They must have way overdone it on these pieces and the fabric. Big discounts and the are selling a blanket made of this stuff.
  10. Desk Jockey

    Leather boot grease

    Obenaufs Works for me. I hit it with a heat gun on low to get it to Soak in. Careful. Needs to be low so you don’t melt the glue or anything on your boots. I will give it a generous coat And then wipe off. I repeat 1-2x and they stay good for me.
  11. Desk Jockey

    Cuben/ Dyneema tents longterm?

    I have a few pieces that have seen some use - tents, ground clothes, tarps. A couple of pin holes from wear on top of an expected tear or two that probably would have happened with silnylon or whatever fabric. my brother is an ultralight hiker and has a dyneema pack that he shredded up a...
  12. Desk Jockey

    FNG from MS

    Welcome. On behalf of Louisiana, I want to. Thank Mississippi for keeping our public schools ranked 49th in the nation.
  13. Desk Jockey

    Newbie - 1P Tent & Sleep Setup

    Welcome i have been very happy with my durston. Wouldn’t be my first choice for really nasty weather or heavy snow, but good for any application short of those. I like sea to summit etherlite pads for a little extra cushion but they are not light or cheap western mountaineering Kodiak or...
  14. Desk Jockey

    What caused the Rokslide shift to smallest caliber and cartridges?

    So far I have avoided the trends for neck beards, skinny jeans and man buns but I did buy a 6.5 creed and I was covetously fondling my buddies 28 gauge on my last bird hunting trip As my shoulder throbbed from shooting +100 rounds of hot upland 12 gauge that weekend. My dad, rest his soul, was...
  15. Desk Jockey

    20 years ago - Advice to your younger self

    Be an asshole a lot less. It never helped the situation and you just may come to regret it.
  16. Desk Jockey

    4 day school week?

    This Not to throw stones. big fan of teachers. got a couple in the family. but…flip side of this is a lot of parents that work five day weeks that have to find child care. Teachers in the District here made a push for it post COVID and to be honest, it was mainly because they had gotten...
  17. Desk Jockey

    Possible to shoot compound bow with release or rifle with three finger gloves? (KUIU, Hestra, FL, etc)

    I have a set of those GLomits. The finger on my XXl is big enough to cause issues with a trigger guard. I wouldn’t want to try and shoot with them on.
  18. Desk Jockey


    Thanks. Familiar with the concept of the bore being in line with the stock. Have been shooting AR platforms since my Uncle Sam used to make me wear combat boots and threw me out the back of the Wright brothers plane during the Valley Forge campaign. It def helps with recoil impulse and...
  19. Desk Jockey


    So…uh…school me…why do I want a negative comb? No idea what it does for me other than I am scared of new concepts and fascinated by shiny new rokslide gadgets. also, I have a giant head and am built like a gorilla. Think shrek, but slightly less green. Will I be able to use a negative...
  20. Desk Jockey

    Colorado wolves now killing sheep

    Wolves is gonna wolf. <beware of rant> on a slightly less cynical note, I think a lot of ”animal lovers” have limits to their love. Setting aside their meat consumption habits, rennet for their cheese, wearing leather in their Birkenstocks, etc. many draw the line when an animal eats...