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  1. Vaultman

    "Change style" button

    You'd think being that I made that post only 29 days ago, that I would have remebered that button was between my favorite two buttons... Nope, I pushed the middle one this week. Dangit!
  2. Vaultman

    best rifle cover

    After getting one, I would kind of agree. I really only used mine in a floorless shelter at night so my rifle wasn't just laying the ground. Hasn't been on a second hunt because I haven't really seen a need.
  3. Vaultman

    December Giveaway - 100% USA Made Leg Gaiters

    Cool giveaway. XL, Mid Calf, Coyote Brown.
  4. Vaultman

    best rifle cover

    Hunting in E. Oregon... If you reside in the Portland area, assuming I can find it, I have a gohunt gunslicker that you can have. (I know I saw it beginning of this season).
  5. Vaultman

    Help a novice pick a scope

    Zeiss V4 is a great choice.
  6. Vaultman

    Life expectancy and resale value on Suppressor

    Seems crazy right... you can let a youth cary a firearm to hunt. That is the deadly part. But you cannot let them cary a suppressor to assist that deadly item in not damaging their ears as bad for the rest of their life.
  7. Vaultman

    Life expectancy and resale value on Suppressor

    Thanks... I am going to get one for a 22 LR first (pistol). Shoot that a lot, then will probably get a 30 cal one for hunting. If I decide I want another it will likely be for my ar. That is why we are starting small. One bummer I see is, even with a trust, I cannot let my son use it while we...
  8. Vaultman

    Life expectancy and resale value on Suppressor

    I been wanting to get into the suppressor world for some time. I have decided to just do it. In getting through it, I got to thinking, I do not know of anyone that has bought one used. Is there resale value on these? I doubt they would, but also wondered if they wear out with age / use, like...
  9. Vaultman

    Proud Dad Moment - Daughters first big game animal

    Awesome story. Great Pictures. What a happy memory!
  10. Vaultman

    I need to get longitude-latitude with minutes

    I agree. Planning / Zoning are one of the biggest evils of property ownership or any kind of development. My soapbox is that they SHOULD NOT be asking for anything illegal.
  11. Vaultman

    I need to get longitude-latitude with minutes

    Construction staking is one thing, something any button pusher can do... Figuring out a property line... hire a land surveyor, of which there are at least a dozen on this forum, including yours truly. One thing that pisses me off to no end is local jurisdictions telling an applicant that they...
  12. Vaultman

    Dishwasher replacement questions

    I've owned more dishwashers than I care to admitt. Biggest problem with "the new ones" is that they fill up on a timer and assume they have a certian amount of water pressure, so if you do not have enough pressure at the shutoff it will never work very well. We have a KitchenAid now, and it is...
  13. Vaultman

    Anyone have a tricked out .22 pistol they hunt squirrels with.

    Well I picked up a bare bones Mark IV this weekend. It'll be fun to trick it out.
  14. Vaultman

    Anyone have a tricked out .22 pistol they hunt squirrels with.

    All YOU on this thread just cost me buck$. I am sure I'll be pickin' up a 22 semi-auto this week (cause my ruger single-six just isn't cool enough!) Darn you all... especially you @Cameron.25 , @ScreamingPotato , @MarlinsDad , @sram9102
  15. Vaultman

    Range Finder Search

    I got a Leica from camera land a few years ago and love it. You may be able to find a used one for $500ish. I'd say if any black Friday deals come up on them they would be worth it. (I can range a bolder with mine at 2200 yds).
  16. Vaultman

    backpacks with dividers

    Not split top/bottom but Kifaru 14'r has dividers in the main bag...
  17. Vaultman

    Hunting Accident in South Dakota

    "never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy". This one saved human injury at a gate crossing I was at one morning. A fat glove slid beyond a trigger guard when a firearm was being loaded causing negligent discharge, but the barrel was pointed safe. Those four rules are such...
  18. Vaultman


    What a smile!
  19. Vaultman

    Football fans???

    What an End to the week of last second field goal wins! I cannot believe Buffalo is looking worse as the season progresses... and, even bigger shock... Denver is looking better as we get to the middle.