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  1. S-3 ranch

    Steels, sharpening, edge angles?

    I've tried it with high polished, 100k edges and with coarse edges as well, ended up choosing coarse edge, lasts a lot longer, especially on highly abrasive mediums. sharpen with 800-1000 grit diamond stone, then strop or ceramic stick to maintain the edge, resharping in the woods or mountains sux
  2. S-3 ranch

    Steels, sharpening, edge angles?

    Use diamond only to sharpen @ 20* angle then strops with diamond paste s90v imo is hard to sharpen but does hold a edge well with maintenance
  3. S-3 ranch

    New Mexico bighorn success for my buddy

    Back in the spring he got the golden ticket notice on December 1 a 345 yard shot + a additional one for insurance and he joined the club , congratulations buddy
  4. S-3 ranch

    Hunting guide as a career ?

    I was / am in the outfitters business, 30+ years, it’s not the same as when I started in 1990 , and it really does bite into the family life during the different seasons, the USCG would offer more stability and insurance, benefits for the future imo
  5. S-3 ranch

    Record book buck. Do you enter it?

    Not to brag but I have killed 2 b&c bucks and 2 pronghorn that make it I didn’t enter them because it’s a PIA to get all that measurements for the all time book
  6. S-3 ranch

    Leather boot grease

    It’s sheep lanolin oil a great leather treatment
  7. S-3 ranch

    Leather boot grease

    I use fluid film , spray on , wait 10 , wipe it down
  8. S-3 ranch

    Old 7pt in west Texas

    Saw this old 7pt last week and thought about him all week, went back on Friday and a bad wind made him and I have a stairing contest for 5+ minutes, when he turned to look at the doe , a .308 win to the neck ended the match love the upturned main beam and sticker point
  9. S-3 ranch

    South Texas Questions

    The duck hunting and fishing are awsome ! the beach life and hot women amazing! the hunting is amazing but very expensive and hard to find , except for packaged hunts finding a hunting lease is hard the area around SPI is Mexican heritage disadvantage some areas are kinda run down and anti...
  10. S-3 ranch

    Cleaning rifle after season

    Same here , I shot a M70 .300wm for 30+ years and she would tell me when it was time , usully @ 50 rounds, but hard to tell with a sub MOA gun when hunting
  11. S-3 ranch

    6.5 PRC vs 6.5 CM? I currently use a 7 PRC, but looking for a lighter weight, lighter recoiling rifle dedicated for deer hunting.

    6cm , 243 , are my best suggestions for deer and antilope mild recoil to kill power
  12. S-3 ranch

    Infection beyond anything I’ve seen

    We shot a buck two weeks ago and while cleaning I found a abscess near the paunch, whole deer had pus leaching from entire body turns out the neighbor shoots a 300 black out and shot too far
  13. S-3 ranch

    Favorite Sheep Caliber

    If was buying a new rifle and grizzly were wearing my mind out a 7PRC would be the first choice anything from 6.5-284 Norma—— 338 wm is in the sweet spot I used a .270 win 130gr partition on a few rams all DRT
  14. S-3 ranch

    Aftermarket stock for Mossberg Patriot

    No just the stock, I need a heavier stock for the recoil, I like a large caliber rifle
  15. S-3 ranch

    Aftermarket stock for Mossberg Patriot

    I have a patriot composit stock I might be interested in trading, in 375 ruger 6 1/2 lbs is kinda lite , so a heavier weight stock might take the bite out of the recoil
  16. S-3 ranch

    What caused the Rokslide shift to smallest caliber and cartridges?

    I’m a old school hunter new elk & deer and whatever rifle is a 375 ruger a fat 22 cal is still under powered for me , except for a neck shot maybe 235gr @ 3000fps or a 270gr @ 2700fps kills DRT and doesn’t have any meat damage
  17. S-3 ranch

    Scope for 375 Ruger

    I’m going with leupold 2-7x40 , it’s a large game , medium distance round
  18. S-3 ranch

    Need a medium load for a 375 ruger

    I’m ready to start reloading my 375 ruger , looking for a mild to meduim load with 235 gr Speer & H4350 all the factory stuff is geared towards Africa large game , looking for a load for elk and deer
  19. S-3 ranch

    Found rifle

    It’s amazing the number of times I’ve found “ lost firearms “ 1. found a rifle in a old abandoned deer stand ( owner of the land kept it of course) 2. Found 10+ shotguns & rifle in a gun safe after the original hunters where kicked off the ranch for none payment of the lease 3. Found 2 O/U...
  20. S-3 ranch

    2023 Whitetail Meat Pole

    1st of the year out here in west Texas unfortunately it had a abscess and the meat was uneditable and had to be dumped