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    Kifaru Wind River jacket review ***Updated 5/21/23***

    How is the noise level compared to the alpine start?
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    Sold Stone Glacier Chilkoot 15 - CANADA

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    Alberta Sheep Partner

    Hey everyone, I didn't get a chance to go out for sheep this year as my current partner had limited time (new babies) and looking to find more fellas to head out with as I need to get out for a 2023 Sheep hunt. Goal is for Alberta Bighorn sheep in a NW WMU. If interested reach out and we can...
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    Breathable wind layer for hiking

    I have both the OR Ferosi & BD Alpine Start. Once I used the BD I never used my Ferosi again. Houdini & Alpine Start let the perfect amount of wind through vs breathability, also 3.8oz for the BD is beauty. It’s a bit louder so be aware of that if bow hunting.
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    What jacket for 5-7oz 800+ down?

    My Summit camo SKRE puffy was in no way 5oz down, probably closer to 4oz just looking at loft. I sold mine, was disappointing.
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    Testing: SITKA 2021 Dew Point rain gear

    Bumping back this thread, So everyone’s thoughts on the Dewpoint still good? Reviews seem decent the last few years.
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    Sitka Ambient

    First experience using my Sitka Kelvin active and man a gear piece, I’m sold on Active Insulation. Dries so damn quick and I’ve never stayed so warm in cold conditions. Heard rumblings on a podcast of some hunters/guides testing not running puffy jackets a hammer in warm conditions… After...
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    Sad day for Canadian gun owners

    As long as y’all keep that walking corpse Biden (2-3 yrs…)
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    How does everyone pack there Leuko tape?

    I just cut 3” pieces as the stuff I buy has the little wax paper backing like a bandaid.
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    Which of the big 3 make the strongest towing truck?

    For new trucks I’d say Ford has the best package. Earlier dmax’s we’re the best but the news ones have some issues, they even have a buy back on certain dmax that is hush hush, can’t even get parts for them. Looking for a high mileage truck? Ram, the hotshot drivers run these for a reason. Low...
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    ARGALI RINCON 2P is in my hands.

    Wicked. 2023 type deal?
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    Traveling to Yukon- Calgary hotel recommendations

    so many hotels near the airport within 5mins with shuttles or like has been mentioned the Marriot right at the hotel
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    Kuiu Ultra Merino 120 LT Series

    Anyone compare this to their Gila hoody? Sounds like the Gila gets stinky pretty quick, quicker than the Sitka LWH and Peloton 97
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    SITKA Ambient Collection

    You prefer your Kelvin active hoody over your ambient hoody? Thinking of grabbing one, I find my arms always get hot anyway
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    ARGALI RINCON 2P is in my hands.

    Are you gonna seam seal it?
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    Kuiu Ultra Merino 120 LT Series

    Thanks for checking that, yeah they market it as some huge innovations when it seems they are just fixing the issues. My 125 long sleeve has such loose arms, I guess with no spandex you don't get more of that first lite or black ovis fitted feel. Good for them on improving it though.
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    New Yamaha Kodiak 450 or 700?

    For only $1100 difference go 700. If you decide to sell it in the future you will get that difference back no question and in the meantime you get all the benefits of increased power. It’s rare to meet someone who regrets getting too much power in quad, but I have met a heck of a lot of folks...
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    Kuiu Ultra Merino 120 LT Series

    What’s the big changes? They dropped the thickness 4%, (from 125 to 120 g/m2), they return to their original shape (my 125 SS is bad for this), stronger (my 125 LS had a hole in day 3) and 15% higher price. I see they have a hoody like the wick 150. Might order a 120 SS in Stone, nice plain...
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    "You can't use a gun for self-protection..."

    All good bud, I'm just glad you don't hold a grudge from the 1812 British/Canadian invasion that burned the capital, it was just a stepping stone into shaping you into the greatest superpower in the world! Anyways back on topic, Canada is messed up because of our gun laws. America > Canada...