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  1. kwackkillncrew

    Hold on to your GMU 23/26A Shorts boys

    its the way we have always done it
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    Hold on to your GMU 23/26A Shorts boys

    Understood. Best of luck! Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    Hold on to your GMU 23/26A Shorts boys

    the no option for a limited quota for non res would make alot of pist off people as well. These air charters are booked out years in advance. So joe blow has a hunt set up for 2025 in september, well the quota was filled 2 days before his hunt and now he cant go unless he wants to go on a...
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    Kodiak bear count down

    you shouldnt trust any weather reports up here, especially on kodiak!
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    it doesnt matter if you have been around other kids/babies or not. I was super awkward holding my niece and you can tell from the photos. We had our daughter 4 years ago and it has been awesome. Sure there are tough times when you dont know if you doing things right, but if you are thinking...
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    Kodiak bear count down

    you hear all the "if a bear on kodiak hears a gun shot they will coming running towards it". Did you guys try shooting a round into the ground to call the bears in? Nice bears to all! 3 Less bears to deal with while out there
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    Update on 40 mile air herd

    Rhak put a proposal in to not allow non res to hunt in the road accessible zones. After they talked with transporters rhak decided to throw them a bone and propose non res can continue to hunt the fly in zones. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    Kodiak bear count down

    Remember they wont guarentee that 3rd bag, you will have to label 1 as standby unless things have changed since last year. I am also a resident Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    Arctic Air DIY Caribou Hunt Kotzebue in depth review with map

    Was it tribal corporation land or a native allotments? Native allotments are always being created. They can be as urban as off the highway or as remote as BFA. I bet if there was caribou walking through your camp you wouldnt have cared if you were 100 yards from a native allotment. Transporters...
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    I have the cap off. That way I can use it as a megaphone also. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    Hitting the haul road

    Truth.... I once witnessed 40 caribou run up a mountain, then run down the opposite side, ran around to where they first were, ran back up the mountain and then disappear to never be seen again. When we shot our animals and were hanging out at the tent we saw 4 bulls do something really weird...
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    Hitting the haul road

    >5 miles
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    What do you do with things you can't fly back with?

    if you cant get rid of it and are flying out of ANC i will take some of it. Where you from in mn? I am from centerville
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    Where to Get Waxed Fish Boxes in Anchorage?

    maybe 10th and m seafoods?
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    Outstanding hunt w/ Tok Air

    there is always going to be "overharvest" on hunts with that many people. I am sure they take that into consideration when setting their quotas.
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    3 weeks from headed to AK DIY Drop camp considering change to bow

    if there is a rifle in camp, you will probably end up shooting it with the rifle. When you're looking at that bull at 100 yards through the binos this will go through your head "i have a perfect shot with a rifle, i could try to call it in closer or stalk up to it but it might catch our...
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    Early August Caribou worth it?

    A number you can call to get updates on the season as well as the amount of animals that have been killed as well as when they will close it once they get close to the quota. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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    Air taxi requires Splitting horns/moose skull, common?

    flying in a 185, i dont see how they could get everything out in 1 load anyways. I feel like its going to be 2 flights regardless, not sure how they couldnt throw the antlers on the meat flight. Just shoot a 70" with 2 browtines and make them tie it to the struts. shouldnt be a problem right...
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    Braggin Board for Fishing!

    still a pile of fish! we stayed at a cabin on the kasilof and i am really glad i brought down my chamber sealer to fillet/seal daily. Only once have i brought home 35 reds from dipping and i wont do that again! Much rather butcher up a few deer over a pile of fish.
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    Braggin Board for Fishing!

    Kings, silvers, rockfish and 3 gallons of shrimp for the day on pws. Got around 45 reds this weekend as well. The wilderness provides! Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk