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    Kill kit weights and ideas. Lets see yours? Ideas?

    I think it’s a great knife, if not one of the best ones. The profile works well with most processing needs. I think the serac is excellent as well.
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    Kill kit weights and ideas. Lets see yours? Ideas?

    Argali carbon knife Argali large game bags Iron will k2 knife 30ft 550 paracord Outdoor edge lightweight saw Pen 2 zipties a contractor bag In a mr zoid bag
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    I bought a diamondback spotter, did i mess up?

    Yeah it’s not perfect but I’ll be hard pressed to get rid of it. The new 13-39 is supposedly superior in about everyway and is highly regarded. Haven’t got behind one of them yet, I’d like to get one next to the 11-33. I was pretty happy with it, especially when packing it up. Swift and easy.
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    I bought a diamondback spotter, did i mess up?

    I have the diamondback mentioned. I use it at the 600yd rifle range, works great for that. I also use it to look out the front window at deer. Pictured is my 11-33 on the mentioned tripod. I enjoyed this combo this fall, had 13 days with it on my elk hunt and I turned up a ton of elk daily with...
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    Savage update

    I have 11 110s in an array of calibers, had 12 (UL in 28nosler went down the road) none of them have functioning issues. Sure each one is more accurate than I am. It’s a horrible problem to have. That being said the only ones I’ve seen functioning issues with are apex hunters and the switchback.
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    Hunting scope ~$500

    I love my 2.5-10x44 vipers. Have had very good luck with them. Relatively light weight as well. Can get them on sale sub 400$ would do everything you need. Rings the vtx precision rings are made by seekins. That’s the setup on this 308 and it has been in several states with great success.
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    First heavy pack out nightmares

    I’ve had a few brands and the exo k4 really shines above 50lbs. The kifaru for me was to stiff on lighter loads but handled weight well, the sg cut into my shoulders to hard. I have a mystery ranch pintler currently for day stuff. And k4 5,000 for back country setups. And I’m not enjoying my...
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    Ultralight/Compact .30 cal Hunting Suppressor

    I have a handful of 30s, a couple that are listed. I recently got to play with a scythe…. I bought 2 that night, hopefully I can get flush end caps vs the baffle. If only I could sell a few of these other cans and buy a couple more scythes. I think it’s in a class of its own. I love my omega...
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    Mesa Precision Altitude stock on Savage 110 Ultralight rifle

    Yours is crooked too? I had to do a good bit of work to fit mine. Mine* shoots sub .7” 4shot groups with 3 different off the shelf ammunition of the few I’ve tried.
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    Suppressor 300wsm

    Flush end cap and direct thread, only adds 5.6” to OAL
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    Suppressor 300wsm

    I have a handful of 30 suppressors and the scythe-ti is my new favorite for weight and length conscious setups. Actually tested one on a wsm. Otherwise coincidentally on a hunting rig the omega with direct threads and flush end cap is a great choice. All depends what you want out of it.
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    Most efficient hunting Suppressor?

    I recently got some experience with a silencerco scythe-ti and was blown away with how light it is and how well it handled my wsm. Apparently that meant I needed to buy 2 that night. I would highly recommend them to anyone doing a weight or length conscience build. Shorter than my omega by 1/2”...
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    How often do you find unrecovered animals?

    I was going to make this point. I hunt primarily the horicon marsh here in Wi. As a kid it was shotgun only, muzzleloaders allowed in season or single shot pistol. There was a year we found 11bucks within 100yds of one another. The guy we suspected of being the culprit was confronted and the...
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    Midwest guy -- Looking to meet guys who go west

    Go by yourself. At the end of the day that is your best bet. There will be differences of opinions, practices, expectations, fun/commitment levels. I’m in south central Wi, and go 1-3xs a year. It’s lifestyle change to the level of if you are serious you need to change your identity to make it a...
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    7 PRC weight

    8.5 is on the light side. 9.5 is probably pretty practical for most. That being said on the suppressor side, I got to play with the silencerco scythe-ti and would highly highly recommend it to anyone being weight or length conscious. N I bought 2 yesterday after that experience.
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    Another what does he score?

    Geographic regions matter due to body sizes vs antlers. I’d be hard pressed seeeing him clear mid 130s. Beautiful animal nonetheless!
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    What’s your rifle weigh?

    That one is a pre 2017 lightweight storm. Before the twisted flute bolt and skeletonized action. I have a handful of savages. This one the same rail, rings and scope is 1.7 oz heavier. Both have steel trigger gaurds, the stainless one was actually .31oz heavier **
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    When was your first year hunting OTC Elk in Colorado?

    2014 rifle, in 18 switched to archery. In 2021 I found out the hard way as a non resident you cannot hunt two bull elk a tags in co. Gave some guys I met in a restaurant my pins and plan. They were from ny and ended up harvesting a nice 5x5, 2nd rifle.
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    What’s your rifle weigh?

    Just got done with this one, 7lbs 9.7oz with sling and empty mag.
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    AR vs Bolt

    On a gas gun, I have seekins precision 1piece 20moa and a f3r 20moa. I’ve hunted white tails, hogs and yotes with a 223. White tails and hogs with a 450bm And my go to gas gun which has taken several North American animals is a dd5 ambush in 308, has a griffin ultralight 300 on it with an mpt...