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    WTB Youth shotgun

    Pm sent
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    Proper meat care 101 in high school.

    Awesome! Definitely a different curriculum in ALaska.
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    Paintball gun as bear deterrent

    Shot them in the face. Probably work then.
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    FNG from MS

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    WTB Youth shotgun

    Pm sent
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    New to Rokslide

    I just ordered the dual grind for #12 LEM. I’ll give my review asap.
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    New to Rokslide

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    Twisted Barrel fluting review

    Yes it does. To accurate to change. Very very pleased.
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    WTS Tarptent Aeon Li

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    Sold TC Encore 223 Bergara Barrel

    Trade pending
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    Best athletic fit hunting pant for slim people?

    I’ve been wearing the Wrangler Men's and Big Men's Outdoor Stretch Zip Cargo Pant. They are lightweight and very comfortable.
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    Sold Garmin Inreach Messenger

    $250 shipped
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    WTB Gear for 6-7 yr old

    I use adult gloves and put a hand warmer in them. It works pretty well.
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    WTS Tarptent Aeon Li

    Open to offers?
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    Black Rifle Coffee has let me down, those #$%#$%

    Thoughts and prayers? I’ve never had coffee in my illustrious life, so I’m not sure if this is the correct way to use this saying.