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  1. 11boo

    Late Season Elk Hunting

    Completely shut out of elk meat, except for a bit I took from another guy I helped. figured this would be a slam dunk. Took a frail friend on his probably last elk hunt, last week. Day trip. Friend had access to a private ranch, thousands of acres. Loaded with elk, usually. All we got was...
  2. 11boo

    Backstop Recoil Pad

    Have you shot the creed? Mine has pretty low recoil without the brake.
  3. 11boo

    Black Friday deal should I?

    I would say no. That is the lowest end vortex.
  4. 11boo

    Reasonably priced camo/hunting clothes

    I have almost everything from fall to winter from Kuiu And Sitka and got most of it from our classified forum. Really helps in cold and wet Conditions.
  5. 11boo

    Y’all talk me out of selling my Grendel and putting it towards a new Ruger SFAR

    No, just looked like a 2” gun with cheap PMC bronze 147. That’s all I’ve tried thus far. Put 3 in 2” at 100, centered, then moved on up the hill. There are 12” plates right behind the 200 yard backers. Don’t think I ever missed them. A bunch more plates all over out to 600, yeah I missed...
  6. 11boo

    Y’all talk me out of selling my Grendel and putting it towards a new Ruger SFAR

    I got the 20” SF. Holy cow I like it. 120 rounds first trip out, 100% function. Only put a handful on paper for zero then beat steel. Very nice rifle.
  7. 11boo

    Ruger SFAR 308 as a backcountry rifle?

    I still have a 20” LR308, and it’s a beast. 11 lbs? Very accurate. Probably sell it, like I did With my 16” LR308. They do not bring a lot of money, as a new Ruger is 1k.
  8. 11boo

    Ruger SFAR 308 as a backcountry rifle?

    Just got a 20” one. Meant to put it on paper more, but it only took 7 shots to get a decent 100y zero. Fired 110 more at steel out to 385. If you have ever shot at Cameo you get it. It’s everywhere in the cliffs. I did clean and lube before shooting. Flawless function on setting 3. Kicks...
  9. 11boo

    Chrono help please

    I would try a fresh battery first.
  10. 11boo

    Target Shooting in Colorado Foothills?

    I don’t know how we ended up with cameo over here but I’m glad we did. Crazy cause we have all the blm open and a few other good clubs , but you have all the people.
  11. 11boo

    What rifle is missing stock options?

    Ruger American. You would sell a bunch.
  12. 11boo

    Who’s still running balance beams?

    Really, it just works, unlike my electronic ones..
  13. 11boo

    Labradar $499 @ Brownells

    Gad I was >< that close to buying a LR at full price.
  14. 11boo

    Tag soup

    Archery season was different this year. Seemed like the usual amount of fresh sign, but elk were bedded all day and quiet 24/7. Ate a lot of grouse and fish at least. 3rd season cow tag for me right around the corner.
  15. 11boo

    6.5 Creedmoor vs .308: Which is more of a "Killer"

    I have got to try that leisure hunting. And my .308 has easily dropped elk, and I just got a 6.5 a while back. Really, I like it more.
  16. 11boo

    Opening day of 2nd rifle

    I think I’m going to buy some new ones. These barely fit, but they did let me keep going. Pretty old anyway, and have done their job many times.
  17. 11boo

    Opening day of 2nd rifle

    Take a snow shovel.
  18. 11boo

    Davis Go Tent Vs Kodiak Canvas Deluxe - Opinions Needed

    Anyone who does canvas work near you. I added a stove jack to my canvas tent myself. Also have a friend who has a flex bow who added one. His is pretty slick, no sewing or glue. I used fabric glue on mine and two seasons later still holding tight. Look on Amazon, hot tent stove jack. The...
  19. 11boo

    How to cut a stainless steel sink?

    That stuff is harder than Chinese algebra. Step bit, cutting oil. Slow.
  20. 11boo

    Garmin Xero C1 Pro Chronograph

    Very timely, I was just looking at buying a LR. Forget that.