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  1. Brook.Trout

    Order EXO K4 or Stick with Kifaru

    It’s really all about the frame! The bags only hold the junk you carry so realistically any bag works, obviously there are many factors to a bag but that is it’s sole purpose. If you can try both with weight and figure out what feels better, that will be your answer
  2. Brook.Trout

    What's your favorite pack/s and what are its purpose/es

    Kifaru duplex lite frame, run a Stryker xl for day hunts, awesome pack, and then getting a dall for extended hunts, had the fulcrum before and was just too much going on, and heavy. These other two bags are under 3 lbs each which ain’t too bad!
  3. Brook.Trout

    Backpack alternative

    I run an Alaska guide creations harness with the stalker pack I think it’s called, just a 500 ci bag to hold a few extra goods when I’m hunting off my quad for bear
  4. Brook.Trout

    Favorite Solid Color for Hunting

    Ash from kuiu is my new favourite solid colour
  5. Brook.Trout

    7.3 R Value Overkill for Year Round Pad?

    I run an x therm all year, older model I think it’s the 6.9 r value, it’s been too warm for me on my early season hunts but I also pack a 20 degree bag, gonna get a 38 degree MLD spirit quilt for this year to help with the overheating issue on my early season hunts.
  6. Brook.Trout

    Zeiss conquest v4 vs Leica amplus 6

    How much better quality is the v6 to the v4? My dad runs a lot of Zeiss but I’ve never looked through his v6 he doesn’t think there is much of a difference.
  7. Brook.Trout

    Zeiss conquest v4 vs Leica amplus 6

    Been looking into scopes for my new 6.5 Prc and was leaning into the conquest v4 4-16 and then at a gun shop I seen the Leica scopes and I’ve never payed much attention to them, i like the 6x zoom range and that 3-18 power to me is great. I don’t think I could go wrong with either but does...
  8. Brook.Trout

    Waterproof Duffel

    I use the kuiu taku bags and they work extremely well, they don’t claim waterproof but water resistant, I’ve never had anything get wet on the inside. I use em for family trips getting tossed on the roof rack is any weather, and hunting trips on muddy wet trails on the quad, jet boating you name it
  9. Brook.Trout

    does anyone only carry 1 knife for hunting

    I only carry a havalon, also something I carry is the smallest leatherman they make, nice to have a little set of pliers with a small knife on it.
  10. Brook.Trout

    Pack weight for broke newbie

    I’m gonna guess 25-30 lbs base weight, no good or water. I always weigh my pack with food and water and never with the base stuff by itself, for 10-14 days I’m usually 70-80 lbs. how much water weight depends on a where I’m hiking in (ain’t no lightweight water anywhere I’ve found). But gear is...
  11. Brook.Trout

    Durable trekking pole

    I’ve been running komperdell carbon poles for the last six years. I’ve been 240lbs-275lbs running these poles through all my hunts, I have flexed them and torqued them thinking I would break them, they are going strong still very impressed. Thought I don’t know the model, can’t find the exact...
  12. Brook.Trout

    Lightweight 1-4x ?

    I’m running a 1.5-5 vx3 and it’s real nice, gun shop here used to build lightweight mountain rifles with these scopes
  13. Brook.Trout

    Pack cover or no?

    My mystery ranch pack cover has held up nicely for about 7 years running now. Couple patched holes but it doesn’t leak. I got my wife a hooded pack cover for her pack that I steal when I can saves some rain hitting the back and running down
  14. Brook.Trout

    Pack cover or no?

    I always run a pack cover when needed. Soaked bag is no fun. I leave my pack outside of tent generally so cover goes on then. I had a tipi tent tear up on my on a goat hunt, was wet and miserable and slept under a tarp, I used the pack cover to cover my feet and down sleeping bag from the bit of...
  15. Brook.Trout

    Kifaru slick 0 degree

    Fellow BC’er here, I have a 20 degree, plenty warm for me I have pushed it just below temp rating (let’s talk Canadian, so roughly minus 7 Celsius) with a merino layer I was still warm. This past season sheep hunting it was way to hot and didn’t have the rain fly on the tent, and I was a long...
  16. Brook.Trout

    Kifaru Slick 20

    I agree with a good pad! I use the neo air xtherm and it’s crazy how much warmer it keeps me. To cool down at times sleeping I’ve taken my pad out from under me for a bit.
  17. Brook.Trout

    Kifaru Slick 20

    I’ve got a 20 degree, I’ve slept at the coldest in -7C which is just a degree colder that 20F it kept me warm, I did wear a t shirt and long johns. I’m a very hot sleeper. I can’t imagine it would keep me warm to much more below that point. But with an extra layer on a guy can stretch it out a bit
  18. Brook.Trout

    Aziak Equipment VA-5 Carbon Fiber Handle

    Just picked one up when I seen this post! Along with the garmin backpack holder
  19. Brook.Trout

    Lighter pack for High Country Mule Deer

    That is one thing I find with kifaru, is they can get heavy with all the crap you can add onto it, and most people don’t factor that in. I’ve moved to the dall for my expedition style hunts. Adding no pockets, big enough for everything, good to go. I can’t get you a real world weight but it’s...
  20. Brook.Trout

    Axis Thermal Hybrid Hooded Jacket - Review

    @JDB9818 I would say more durable forsure. What ever that outer layer is seems more durable and somewhat thicker than what my current down puffy is.