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  1. Weber

    Using a 2 point sling with an AR style rifle and a framepack...

    I use 2 point slings on my AR style rifles and I prefer it honestly having the rifle slung in front of my while walking through brush. Anyone figured out a good way to configure a setup like this that doesn't interfere with a framepack (using the KUIU Pro frame)? Its the one downside I've...
  2. Weber

    Western Mountaineering Down compared to others in moisture some thoughts
  3. Weber

    Stone Glacier Chilkoot Vs Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag Vs Western Mountaineering Badger??

    @HuntInWild88 Thanks for the ping. My old man got the Stone Glacier Bag. We're both built the same, 6 foot, 160-190 lbs Most my trips the last 2 years were boat based (aluminum so moisture was a thing but never a problem) or a cabin. That being said I've spent about 60 days in it with no...
  4. Weber

    Gear List App

    That makes sense, but would they pay for it. Benefit from the 3 current options is they are free
  5. Weber

    Gear List App

    I've seen things like lighterpack and packfire and haven't been impressed, but I guess that's why I'm asking here.
  6. Weber

    Gear List App

    I've been using excel spreadsheets to keep track of my gear lists over the years for different hunts. I've been debating on creating an app/website for doing this instead so that I could more easily manage it, save it, share it, etc. Plus I imagine it'd be nice for other people to have access to...
  7. Weber

    Critter Getter vs Electric Fence

    I've been told to use flagging tape (as pictured above) as you want bears to sniff at it (shock their nose). I haven't used one yet but my father definitely had one scare a bear off a couple of years ago, so they do work. Only reason I haven't used one is I don't tend to hunt Brown Bear country...
  8. Weber

    When to stop working out before a hunt?

    Depends on what your doing. I'll usually stop weight lifting 2-4 weeks before a hunt depending on where/what I'm going after. I'll still ruck though. Weightlifting just seems more prone to causing strains and such I doont want to have in the hunt,
  9. Weber

    NeoAir Xlite VS> Xtherm

    I did the same and I have 0 regrets. It weighs practically nothing more.
  10. Weber

    Pet insurance recommendations

    My experiience is there is a lifetime maximum that rarely counteracts the 8 years of you paying for it.
  11. Weber

    What kind of skinning knife do you use and why?

    I use a Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter (S90V). Very happy with it, but the sheath is a bit meh for a 200+ dollar knife. The blade retains its edge well and I can get through an entire caribou without sharpening (biggest animal I've done). I've also done a black bear and 2 deer without...
  12. Weber

    Best sleeping pad?

    If you aren't in a cold environment but weight is a concern the NeoAir, if you are dealing with cold, the XTherm
  13. Weber

    OnX Hunt Maps vs GoHunt Maps

    If you don't care about points tracking or draw odds does GoHunt have some sort of other advantages over OnX?
  14. Weber

    A "Rokslide etiquette" list

    This mentality is ridiculous in states like Alaska where some Units are the size of states, with the exception of maybe Sheep. I'm sure there are units where this "secrecy" is well intended, but for the most part this is a ridiculous attitude. Unit numbers can be helpful to signify a difference...
  15. Weber

    Treated Down in Ultra Wet Prince William Sound

    Trying to take it out this year again, wanted to report back I just took it to the kenai mountains where it blowed and rained for 5 days straight. 0 moisture problems even though we had a fair bit of condensation in the tent. Was able to dry out my damp gear and wet socks every night. So far...
  16. Weber

    Prince William Sound Deer

    Bumping for 2022. Who's going out? Alaska Good time Charters was a great experience for a drop off charter, but sounds like he is not doing them this season. I pulled a decent buck and a doe out last year. Hoping to make it out again this year but I dont have a group to split a drop off with.
  17. Weber

    DC608 / Unit 15 Caribou thread

    Anyone going? Already gone? Reports? Tips?
  18. Weber

    AK on line or OTC purchase of license and tags?

    License and resident harvest tags are printable. Non resident locking tags say they ship within 2 weeks. Some friends visiting ordered some (3 seperate people) and all of them got them within a week (last year, varying times of year from August through November). Don't wait, but don't stress...
  19. Weber

    Caribou hide preservation

    My understanding is its relatively possible to remove the hide without having much flesh attached. Haven't done it but thats the idea.