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  1. TheGDog

    Solo Calling Coyote

    Almost always I'm out doing it solo. It's nice.. you can take your time, and properly creep into position without the noise of another person whom might not take being stealth as serious. If you go in quietly, I've had instances where almost immediately after pressing play a yote came in (due...
  2. TheGDog

    Fitness equipment

    OH.. also? If you're serious about getting more fit? Gotta take a HARD look at what you're eating. Cut out all the sugars. Home cook all your meals, etc. DO NOT Watch TV programs with advertising in-between... between the hours of 5p -8p. That shizzle will bombard you with images of all...
  3. TheGDog

    Quitting Alcohol

    Awesome Sauce! Your Liver will Thank You.
  4. TheGDog

    manage your remote

    Just some paracord, hangs on neck. If I'm using eCaller, then the only "hand-calls" I'll take with are these 3D printed calls. One is JackRabbit the other is Rodent. You can operate'em hands free and they don't weigh anything. The two don't interwine at all. That... and a Primos 3rd Degree I...
  5. TheGDog

    Ideal optic for coyotes

    Whichever ever optic you end up going with... when you make a stand don't forget to drop it down to lowest mag. And if they do come in close-quarters, train yourself to aim with both eyes open! Then it doesn't even really matter what the low-end of the optics mag range is as much. But yeah...
  6. TheGDog

    Hunting or fishing themed Tattoo

    ^^THIS! A hoop thru the septum is distracting. Plus, what are you, livestock? There's a reason they put those on bulls.
  7. TheGDog

    Fitness equipment

    If you can swing getting a Precor Elliptical Walker (the one with the hand-holds you pull back on whilst walking, and you can Afford it, and have the space) get that instead. To properly push yourself on it... do 30min at Incline of 10 and resistance at 11 (or more if you happen to be able to...
  8. TheGDog

    Cold fingers

    I don't know how you guys do it, that live in these places where stuff goes single-digits and below. Once had to fly out to Ohio in February, it was -18F. I noted that if I took my non-gloved hands out of my jacket pocket... you could count to like 5.. and you'd start to feel them getting...
  9. TheGDog

    Coyote Katsu!

    ^^^ THIS 100%! No way in H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks I'd have let the boy try it with one that's stanky. One of the yotes I pulled from this area.. he smelt STRONG! And like... when I went back there the next week or so... I was surprised that the carcass didn't seem very picked-over at all...
  10. TheGDog

    Trophy of a lifetime......

    Lyrics... Off the Top o' the Dome.. Let's Go.... With a Skull size that's so Drastic That Pork is Jurassic! But the homeboy robtattoo came on thru and blasted! With the .300 Blackout, And it's a G-- D--- Miracle, that he didn't throw his Back Out! Loadin' it into the pickup bed, Cause that's...
  11. TheGDog

    What caused the Rokslide shift to smallest caliber and cartridges?

    After getting a 6.5cm in an UltraLite model for my Son. And falling in love with how light it is to carry, and how the recoil is nice and easy to deal with. Then.. doing the research on the ballistics between that 6.5cm @ 130gr.. and a .308 Win w/ 130gr... I learned that they're essentially...
  12. TheGDog

    Coyote Katsu!

    I think part of the success was going right into marinade right away. And... the strips he cut for the Katsu... he didn't make them too thick. Told him not to make them too thick since he was frying them over a lower heat. Wanted to make sure it'd cook thru-and-thru safely.
  13. TheGDog

    Coyote Bolt rifle

    Does the habitat where you are located not allow you to call them in close? Lately in this Juniper forest spot I've been calling them in at... I've just been using HEVI-BISMUTH #2 WaterFowl loads. And they go right down, and you don't even see the little holes in the hide when looking from...
  14. TheGDog

    Coyote Katsu!

    Pic after he and I had dome. Mama even tried too, was kinda surprised by that. Bobcat is nice! The meat kinda reminded me of turkey leg, to some degree. I remember being very taken aback and impressed by how pristine it's insides were!
  15. TheGDog

    Coyote Katsu!

    Pic after he and I had some. Mama even tried too, was kinda surprised by that.
  16. TheGDog

    Coyote Katsu!

    I only agreed to it in the field because this one didn't smell bad like others I've taken before.
  17. TheGDog

    Coyote Katsu!

    Welp, when I took a yote 11-25-2023... my 16yo son asked me if we could take some of the meat home, so he could try to cook it. So that day, I leaned in nice and close, and used my sniffer (since Daddy's the cook at home) and since this particular yote didn't smell nasty like some can... I...
  18. TheGDog

    Dual Use Dirt bike

    If you think that when not Hunting... you won't succumb to that urge to start pushing and going faster and faster... then yeah.. I think the CRF300L would be a decent beginner DualSport. BUT... if you know yourself.. and you feel that later on you'll not like being able to wick it up in some...
  19. TheGDog

    Trials bike vs dirt bike/TW for hunting.

    Also... lotta DualSports don't initially come from the showroom floors with RimLock on them to lock the tire to the rim. If you're plan is offroading it significantly... You'll need to get rimlocks too.. otherwise in a set of whoops OR in rocky terrain there's a chance the tire might slip within...
  20. TheGDog

    Trials bike vs dirt bike/TW for hunting.

    OH.. Important!!.. if you get a DualSport, with an Electric Start!!... You gotta make sure to get ahold of the ignition switch schematics and study them! That way.. if you have a fall that bashes the ignition switch... if you had to.. you could splice the wires to bypass a broken switch and...