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    SG Grumman vs kifaru LPP vs Rab electron pro (or neutrino pro)?

    I have a first gen Rab Nuetrino. Never been cold in it. Hunted a bunch of 3rd rifle in CO. Only quirk is the zipper being on the wrong side. The limeys like things on the left apparently....
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    Where to cut budget?

    The whole layering thing is blown out of proportion in my honest opinion. If the amount of thought over clothing, went into actual hunting, western big game would be on the endangered list.
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    Warmest Down Coat

    Rab down jackets are money. Never been cold in my neutrino. Feathered friends would be a second option.
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    0 Degree Bag

    Ran a SG for archery and stayed warm. I am 6'5" and the bag seemed a little short for me. I wasn't in love with the magnetic draft collar on it. Other than that a nice bag. I have a Kodiak and it is perfect in my opinion. Never been cold below 0. Just ordered a Badger on a black Friday...
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    Black Rifle Coffee has let me down, those #$%#$%

    You know a man is living a good life when all he has to complain about is his coffee.
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    Hunting Accident in South Dakota

    Great topic to discuss. Here is my 2 cents. Safety is a mindset. Complacency can kill you and/or people around you. My hunter safety instructor had a presentation about a hunter being shot and critically wounded turkey hunting. He discussed the injuries, showed x-rays, the setup of the...
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    Sleeping bag mod for glassing...

    I have been down this road a few times. Tried the artic shield with limited success. Using warmer packets they work a little better. Tried a woobie alone too. Limited success. Best I have found is a synthetic woobie paired with feathered friends down booties. I can do 0 degrees and wind...
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    Another puffy thread

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    Hunter Numbers and Health

    I agree that the western hunting will decline over the next years. Society today is being engineered for comfort. Not to mention instant gratification. People want things Amazon Prime fast. Neither of that happens on an OTC hunt. You might hunt 4 years before even having an opportunity...
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    QuierKat 65% off

    Couple thoughts on this thread. Greed is a thing! Looking forward to finding more BLM and Wilderness! These things get a green light and they will need traffic lights in the woods!
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    Vortex Razor HD 16-48x65 Angled Spotting Scope

    Type in the club member code. Worked for me. $540 shipped.
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    Down Packable Glassing Gloves

    Check BD mercury mitts. My hands get cold easily. They solved my problem
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    Rab electron pro vs neutrino pro

    I run an earlier gen neutrino. Never been cold in it down to below 0*f. I never leave home without it. Down is light to begin with. Go for the heavier jacket. Could save your life someday.
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    Beyond Clothing

    I have a 48" chest and the xl size works well for me. Granted I need the long for sleeve and torso. I can run an R1 or Sitka mdwi under it along with a base layer with no issues. A xxl might give you room for a real puffy. Hope this helps. I don't run any kuiu jackets or shirts, so can't...
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    Building a Shop

    28x30 here with full room above with attic trusses. Only was a 2k upcharge. R19 in walls, had under the room and gables sprayed with closed cell. I live in CO and 40 degrees is about as cold as it gets in there with no heat. Slab is insulated under. Did pole barn frame and finished with...
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    Beyond Clothing

    I imagine so. I have had some serious downpours and fair amount of oak brush with no issues to date. Build quality is way above anything else in my opinion.
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    Beyond Clothing

    Couldn't ever get Kuiu jackets and shirts to fit. Never long enough. I wear a xl tall in Sitka and it fits pretty darn well. I wear the same, xl tall, in the a6. It is a perfect jacket fit for me.
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    Beyond Clothing

    Grabbed another a6 jacket. Ran my current for 7+ years with no signs of wear. For 200 bucks, I will have a spare. Usa made and you can tell!!
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    Archery newb. Colorado OTC adventures

    Just got back from an archery OTC CO hunt. Saw 3 guys on day one, zero the rest of week. Had two encounters, buddy took a cow. Could of shot a nice bull with some more patience...😀. This was our 10th year of OTC hunting with a 60% success rate now. Sure times have changed but we put in the...
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    CO Mtn Lion hunting ban ballot initiative

    I have said it before. The legislator types that spend no time in the woods. Sad.