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    Burris FullfieldIV 4-16x50?

    Yes, it’s sitting on a 300 win mag. For the money I don’t know how you can beat it. Has killed a few critters and has never lost zero
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    Stephan Lake Lodge - Hunters Be Aware

    Wow, I almost booked a hunt with them a few years ago. So glad I didn’t, and sorry to hear about your experience
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    Tent Question: Hilleberg Anjan or Stone Glacier Skyscraper

    FYI, the Mtn Star and Storm Star are both 30% off right now: Mtn Star: Storm Star:
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    Elk Outfitter Recommendation (Backpack, archery)

    Looking for an outfitter that does 1x1 backpack guided hunts. I did a ranch hunt a couple of years ago, and I can see the draw for when you are older, but I'm still young enough where I like putting on a pack every day and grinding, sleeping in a tent, eating mountain house, etc. when in the...
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    Tent Question: Hilleberg Anjan or Stone Glacier Skyscraper

    I took an Anjan 3GT on my stone sheep hunt this year. The huge vestibule was awesome for keeping gear, but I had issues keeping stakes in the ground and keeping the proper tent shape due to all the rocks in the ground. From now on I will be taking a free standing tent. Also, compared to my old...
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    Barnes TTSX vs Accubond

    I've killed hogs and deer with the TTSX....caribou, deer, yotes, and elk with accubond. The TTSX does not leave good blood trails in my experience, but you don't need it as they fall within 60 yards of where you shot them, if they go anywhere at all. Also, if you hit bone with the TTSX it can...
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    Sold Marsupial Fully Enclosed Bino Harness Small Multicam

    Marsupial Fully Enclosed Bino Harness in Multicam Small $90 shipped
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    WTS FHF FOB Bino Harness Large First Lite Specter

    FHF FOB Bino Harness in Large First Lite Specter Like new Cost me over $200 $150 shipped to your door F&F Paypal or Zelle
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    Suppressor for Christensen 300wm

    Ive shot several different cans on several Ridgelines and Mesas and never had an issue
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    What does he score?

    So what did he score? Great buck regardless
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    Bino Harness for SLC 56 (Loose fit)

    I got the FHF FOB large harness but the 56mm objectives are getting stuck going in and out of the harness. Any recommendations on a harness that won’t be so tight? Stealth is very important to me when whitetail hunting in the deep woods, so I can’t be tugging and yanking with both hands to get...
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    Stone sheep meat, horns, & cape transport

    I did not, but now wishing I did. The wait is killing me
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    Stone sheep meat, horns, & cape transport

    I had no issues with customs when bringing my stone sheep meat back this past August when I flew back to the US from BC (Vancouver>Seattle). I declared it, as well as my rifle, but they never saw it, looked at it, or asked any questions whatsoever. But when I drove back to North Dakota from...