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  1. ChrisAU

    Revic BR4 Question

    Did you adjust the diopter?
  2. ChrisAU

    Nightforce FDE pictures?

    A Wyoming Arms 4-Squared TI. Its not quiet, but its way better than the muzzle brake I was using.
  3. ChrisAU

    Nightforce FDE pictures?

    Here’s a few angles of my 2.5-20 NX8. Yeah it can get boring sitting at the glassing spot or a rest stop sometimes lol.
  4. ChrisAU

    New Steiner H6Xi Line

    I'll get a 2-12 for sure if they do it.
  5. ChrisAU

    MDWi Jacket/Hoody vs Ambient Jacket/Hoody

    Agreed 100%
  6. ChrisAU

    Exo gun bearer experience?

    I don’t see why it wouldn’t work but it may be a bit farther forward than you’d like since the Exo molle doesn’t go all the way back.
  7. ChrisAU

    Kifaru Pouch on EXO K4 Belt?

    Gloves, beanie, lightweight neck gaiter. Things I want to remove or put on while on the go. I'll often start hiking layered for how warm I know I'll eventually be but those added to hands and head for the cold at the start. Not stopping to stuff those in a pack.
  8. ChrisAU

    new FL camo pattern ?

    Dang sure isn't. That sucks. I'll have to baby my Cipher gear. Cipher looks way better than the new one for arid environments IMO.
  9. ChrisAU

    new FL camo pattern ?

    I saw it. I don't think Cipher is going anywhere, just another new pattern for everyone to buy all the same pieces in again. Hopefully some new western pieces debut with it, I feel like they've fallen behind pretty hard in tech which sucks because I do like fusion the best (just personal...
  10. ChrisAU

    Tricer AD and Tricer head… or slick and VA5 ?

    Wiser or Tricer on the Aziak tripod. I had the Wiser but swapped to Tricer, I found them pretty much equal.
  11. ChrisAU

    Marsupial harness and pack frame

    Zero concern. I use the FHF Air Frame on all my harnesses and even they don’t interfere with anything. Never notice it at all.
  12. ChrisAU

    MDWi Jacket/Hoody vs Ambient Jacket/Hoody

    Yes, but I can say I never wanted the MDWi to be warmer on this last hunt, and the MDWi is lighter as well so I think for now the MDWi is still my preferred piece. Will use the 100 some over the next few months here though.