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    HPG Shepherd Stove

    I wonder how a damper would affect the burn in this stove: it’s not an airtight and I would be worried about smoke blowing out those cracks. Maybe a damper with a hole in it so it can still bypass smoke but still slow it down… When we are talking about 2lbs and 5 ounces… I don’t think that’s...
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    HPG Shepherd Stove

    Hey man, I messaged you a few years ago about this stove. I am super stoked to see you are making progress. I have been holding off on buying a tent stove until you get these going. I hope you haven’t forgotten me…I can’t wait to buy one!
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    HPG Shepherd Stove

    Looking forward to it
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    Sold Ultralight Titanium Hot Tent Stove (Seekoutside Cub Clone)

    You still have this stove for sale?
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    HPG Shepherd Stove

    Did it slow down at work? You pick this stove idea back up again?
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    Newfoundland Moose Outfitters

    Lots of moose in Newfoundland. No predators except man down that way…
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    You ever seen an 80 "INCH PLUS" Moose Rack......???

    If I did see that I would just let it go…what the hell are you supposed to do with 1200lbs of burger other than let the wolves eat it…let it breed and shoot a tasty cow…
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    Dump 15 WY moose points

    You should rethink not hunting cows…I shot my first one here in Canada this year…it is so much better eating than those big bulls I was getting earlier….
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    Moose down.

    Surprised the bullet went through the tree with out deflection
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    Alaskan Moose hunt vs Canada Moose Hunt & guide recommendations

    You aren’t hunting in Canada as a non resident with out a guide. I have a buddy in Kakabekka Falls area…owns The Falls bait shop. He does guiding and they always get one. That area the bulls aren’t as large as they are towards Wawa but they issue more tags up there so the chances of getting a...
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    Moose scent

    I would never…when they are in the rut…just call the bulls. They will come running. I wouldn’t give em anything to smell…their nose is too hard to trick!
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    Shiras moose score?

    I have shot bulls all my life. That’s a pretty nice one. Shot my first cow this year. Will never apply for anything else ever again. They taste the best!
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    2022 Alaskan float hunt wood stove?

    I wouldn’t hunt moose with out a stove. Too many times I have been rained on or snowed on…you can’t beat comfort. Drying out beside a stove beats drying out beside a fire any day.
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    HPG Shepherd Stove

    Well I hope you do. This looks like the best design for a tent stove I have seen although it probably could used some kind of draft control at the bottom. Just wish I could find one for sale.
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    HPG Shepherd Stove

    How did you make out with your stove?