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    WTS Lone Wolf assault stand.

    up. 10# stand with a decent sized platform...
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    Camp Axe Recommendations?

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    Is your next generation adding or losing hunters?

    not 'my' next generation but yes......loosing.
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    Am I the only one who doesn’t use any gloves when I am gutting an animal out lol.

    I wear them for more than gutting.
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    Portable Generators--What Brand?

    One thing that is good to do is: When changing oil try to start up after you drain the oil out. Make sure that the oil alert is working.
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    WTS Lone Wolf assault stand.

    This is a earlier version of the assault but not the sand cast platform. It weighs 10# and has a large platform, two versa buttons and adjustable seat/platform for tree tilt. Comes with 2 straps. 10.85# with 2 straps. 10.05# without straps. $325 tyd, PayPal F&F.
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    Portable Generators--What Brand?

    A Honda invertor purchase for long term use is a no brainer...the construction/materials use is night and day compared to the china built stuff. Now if you need a backup I would say a 'lesser' gennie would be ok. Or use the lesser and have a Honda for backup.....just run the Honda a bit every...
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    Grid fleece comparison

    Kenyon fleece is also good stuff, not grid thou. They have beanies and neck gaiters also. I have some of their heavy bottoms for sleeping in the bag and a vest which is light and not bulky but warm for sleeping. They offer lots of options. Ebay is good for some deals.
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    0 Degree Bag

    6' and long for me.
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    Warmest Down Coat

    RAB, WM or FF.
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    WTS Kuiu xl jackets, mint.

    $125 tyd. PayPal F&F.
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    Coffee Experts--Input Needed

    cowboy coffee.
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    Post up pics of your pups

    Ready to rock & roll 24/7/365.....
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    WTS Hornady .224 sp with cannalure bullets.

    3200 pieces available. Approx 125 per 1#. 5# approx 635 pieces - $65tyd. PayPal F&F. Other amounts available, pm me. All 25# - $260.
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    WTS .223 & some 5.56 once fired.

    9# bag (600+ pieces)-$65 tyd. 6# bag (400+ pieces)-$42 tyd. PayPal F&F. found another bag 2# (150 pieces), it gets included if you buy the lot (1100+ pieces) for $100.
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    WTS 9mm once fired + media.

    $45 tyd PayPal F&F.
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    WTS Roofing boots 11.

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    Hood/ball style vs cowboy style hat debate over for me

    A hood is necessary for me when it is cold....along with a watch cap (beanie) that covers the ears and a peloton 97 watch cap for when I am a neck gaiter. The head neck is an important area to keep warm/covered/insulated.