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  1. passinggas33

    Trijicon Credo 2.5-15x42

    Maybe a dumb question…but is there anyway you could get a custom turret (like a Kenton industries) made for the windage and take it from covered turret to an exposed turret?
  2. passinggas33

    WTS Stone Glacier Bino Harness and Rangefinder/OV Bino Harness

    What size is the OV bino harness?
  3. passinggas33

    Son drew National Elk Refuge permit this weekend!

    Not to derail this thread, but my “heavy chested” grandma had a sweatshirt that had “Tetons” written right across the chest. We were walking down the street one day in Salt Lake City, and these two French men stopped her, looked at her shirt, and just cracked up laughing. She couldn’t figure out...
  4. passinggas33

    Zulu6 For Kids

    Honestly if they did them, as crazy as it sounds, I would probably be a buyer. The image stabilizing really is that cool and valuable to seeing more game.
  5. passinggas33

    Zulu6 For Kids

    Well he does have a set of cheap leupolds that he normally uses. These are for the “special trips” with dad. Plus saying they were for him was how I had to sell them to wife so I could justify buying two sets 😜
  6. passinggas33

    Zulu6 For Kids

    So a little feedback after buying both the 10x and 16x. I consider myself a medium on the scale of newb to glass snob. So take this for what it is. I handed my 10x to my 8 year old kiddo and it was amazing for him. He’s not a big kid so holding the light weight and adding in stabilizing he was...
  7. passinggas33

    Tent Q: 4-season Freestanding Tent Soulo or Stormstar?

    For those that have experience with all of these many tents, is there a reason you would stay away from the Stone Glacier as one of the possible options?
  8. passinggas33

    Zulu6 For Kids

    Well I bit the bullet and ordered the 10x for my kid (or at least I told my wife that is who they are for) and some 16x for me. I know they won’t replace my swaros or my 15s on a tripod (or spotters) but I think they are going to serve a different purpose. When I go archery hunting I’m going...
  9. passinggas33

    Zulu6 For Kids

    So there seems to be decent feedback on the Sig Zulu6 with image stabilizing. Wonder if people with experience think these would be good for a kiddo? My kiddos are tiny and some of the “heavier binos” they have a hard time holding steady, even when bracing on their knees. Not sure they are...
  10. passinggas33

    Sitka Jetstream $139

    Thanks for posting that picture. Looks almost white. That won’t get dirty at all 😳
  11. passinggas33

    Sitka Jetstream $139

    That’s a nice price! Bought a few in grey.
  12. passinggas33

    Kodiak canvas lodge tent

    What size did you get as there seems to be a few models? We’ve been debating on the 12x16 plus the enclosed awning instead of a wall tent. Looks easier, faster, and more comfortable than a standard wall tent. Also any reviews of how this has done for you? Would love to hear your thoughts further.
  13. passinggas33

    Heat for cargo trailer

    As for these diesel heaters, is there a recommended brand? I’ve been using an rv furnace that I have tied into some batteries that works okay. But it’s a little underpowered for a snowmobile trailer that we often use and would like to possible supplement it.
  14. passinggas33

    The Hobbit Rifle

    Is that a factory barrel or an mgm barrel? And how is the accuracy?
  15. passinggas33

    The Hobbit Rifle

    Not to derail the thread too much, but how do you guys think this would be in a 300 blackout? I’ve been wanting to make a super quiet gun. Was thinking about this gun (swapping barrels) and shoot subsonic with my suppressor. Any thoughts? And if you think this is a decent idea, barrel length...
  16. passinggas33

    Which Truck Canopy Is Your Favorite?

    I’ve been happy with my Leer. Like you, I picked up a used one. Best addition I made though was wiring in a bright LED that would light up the whole truck and wired in a cigarette lighter so I can charge stuff back there when I sleep in it.
  17. passinggas33

    Sold MagView S1

    All sold! Thanks for the interest and to the buyers!!
  18. passinggas33

    Sold MagView S1

    #2 Sold
  19. passinggas33

    Sold MagView S1

    Looking to sell 2 MagView S1 adapters. I had 3 spotting scopes, and have now dropped down to one. So the 2 MagView S1 from those scopes need to be sold. Both come with all of the adapters/shims that are needed. Saw minimal use, as they were on scopes that I rarely used (hence the selling). Let...