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    Idaho Unit 22 History/Downfall

    I've got a few ideas, but non of them are realistic and probably won't work short or long term. 99.7% of us just know what we see in the field and what we want, but we honestly don't have the required knowledge or experience to successfully manage muleys. On the other hand I'm not sure the top...
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    Leica Warranty / Customer service?

    Several years ago my Leica rangefinder took a dump. I contacted them and they said it was outside of the warranty period and they wouldn't even consider repairing it on my dime. I was left with a $900 paperweight and a sour feeling about it. Their warranty on observation devices seems to be...
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    Real World 7 PRC Hunting Experience

    Punctuation mistakes while typing? This post makes no sense.
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    He did the same on multiple forums.
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    6.5 LRM loads

    I think the early Hornady brass scared away a lot of folks from using the LRM case, but I've heard that LRM brass is now made by ADG? If that's true then it opens a few doors for folks.
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    6.5 LRM loads

    You're probably on your own to figure this one out, 6.5 LRM is probably one of the more rare wildcats and I doubt you'll get much help. Good luck man.
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    The word is out for sure and most people aren't doing it due to reports of poor long term performance. Some people are having success and continue to choose a +P chamber but they're a tiny minority compared to those that choose a conventional chamber.
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    Popular enough? I'd bet less than 1% of custom barrels in use today from all manufacturers combined have a +P chamber.
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    Idaho Unit 22 History/Downfall

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    Best self video spot and stalk

    Not many hunters are going to wear a helmet.
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    Anyone recognize this knife?

    Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner S90V
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    Help with Electrician Apprentice tools

    The only tool that our electrician needs is his mouth, he talks his way out of doing anything at all and his $250k worth of specialty EI&C tools just collect dust. Good luck to your son!
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    Nightforce or Sightron

    Reliability and repeatability are what is required. Glass is pretty far down the list of what I demand from a scope. You could use that NXS to beat a VX6HD to death and it would still function correctly.
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    Nightforce or Sightron

    Good decision, if you're having a tough time at 1000+ it won't be due to a NF with a top end of 22X.
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    Sold XL Down Jackets & Woobie

    I'm in, as long as you think I'm capable 🤔
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    Sold XL Down Jackets & Woobie

    I'll take both of the jackets, but you can eat the shipping.
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    Nightforce or Sightron

    Huge magnification will just amplify mirage and other poor visibility conditions at very long range. I also think that selling a Nightforce to buy a Sightron is a poor choice for 783 other reasons.
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    What to do with these antlers?

    It works great as long as the velvet hasn't begun to rot, I've done it a few times with great results.
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    Incidental predator call ins while elk hunting

    A friend of a friend called in a small pack of wolves and actually killed one with his bow, I used to have a picture of it but lost it a few years ago.
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    Biggest bull killed this year!

    The same guys who try to convert MIL to inches in their calculations of how to obtain boneless ice cream.