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    Exo Mountain K4?

    Does the K4 belt get less stiff as you break it in? I really couldn't get the belt to initially feel comfortable w/ my boney hips.
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    EXO K3 water bottle holder

    anyone know if the stone glacier bottle holder will work on an EXO K3?
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    EXO K3 water bottle holder

    I'm prob the only guy on the planet that prefers the K3 to the K4. But, I really need to figure out a water bottle holder. Any suggestions?
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    WTS Mathews V3X 29

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    New Pack

    Just my opinion: Kifaru frame is more comfortable for me, mainly because of the belt. I hate the kifaru bags, because they are heavy and not well thought out pocket configuration. I put up w/ their bags because I love their frame so much. The SG Krux would be my 2nd fav frame. I like...
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    New Mexico Bear and Cougar under attack!

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    Most comfortable sleeping pad

    Been using the thermo xlite for several years. I'll still use it when going backcountry. Looking for a wider, more comfortable mattress for near the truck, or front country.
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    Can't eat dehydrated meals

    I do eat the hell out of ramen and idahoan potatoes. I also eat those tuna ready to eat packages. I may have to invest in a vaccum sealer.
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    Can't eat dehydrated meals

    Just can't choke them down anymore. Had to eat too many over the last 30 years. Need suggestions for replacements. How long will a salami and cheese sandwich last in a backpack?
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    Tent recommendation

    another vote for the copper spur. The freestanding tent is too convenient. can pitch anywhere. worth the extra weight to me. I also own the Durston pro 2, and I seem to always grab the copper spur.
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    Super Down Pro vs Super Down LT?

    The LT has less insulation. It's a replacement for the super down ultra. I would keep the pro. I'm saving for my pro pants.
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    CPW nightmare

    mad, ya I'm ******* mad. CO hunting is in jeopardy.
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    CPW nightmare

    I think they are making a mockery of the resource. Teddy is probably turning over in his grave. From the pro wolf posts, to this. I guess it's too much for me.
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    CPW nightmare

    And we wonder why RMEF cancelled their sponsorship
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    CPW nightmare

    This is real. I want to unfollow their page, but I still need to be in the know on how bad it’s gotten.
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    UTV and trailer combo

    Does anyone know if you can get a windshield for the Pioneer 500?
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    UTV and trailer combo

    Could you give me the make and model of your trailer? Thanks
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    UTV and trailer combo

    pictures of your setups would be greatly appreciated...
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    UTV and trailer combo

    I know that this has been discussed before. I've read a lot of old threads. Finally have the funds saved. What UTV do you recommend. I want it to be as maneuverable as possible. narrow enough to be legal on most trails. higher the clearance the better. reliable. Looking closely...
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    Kifaru on sale?

    My guess. Kifaru has new bags coming out. At least that’s my hope