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    Bozeman Montana

    Thanks for your service and welcome to Montana! Plenty of everything you mentioned wanting to do, some close as long as you're willing to get off the road, others a relatively far drive. Regardless, it's a great place to live to hunt and fish all year round. MSU is overtly supportive of...
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    Montana Breaks Bighorn hunt

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    Montana Breaks Bighorn hunt

    Appreciate your honesty and the birds helped me a few years ago on a deer when the exact same thing happened. Sick feeling and hope you keep on looking, they can go a long LONG way after a gut shot.
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    Mapping apps data security

    (strapping on my tinfoil hat tighter than usual) zero data that's on the interwebs is 'safe' unless the company is deep into NIST800-171 and even then...I just don't see all our waypints as being particularly valuable. I don't have OnX yet but will soon, and like 5 Miles Back above my...
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    Montana Breaks Bighorn hunt

    Congratulations!! Tag of a lifetime! Hope you keep posting pics of the hunt, appreciate following along. A friend of mine was hauling furniture up to Winnifred a few years ago and I tagged along. Went into a rancher's house and he showed us pics of rams that wander around his ranch like...
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    What’s the coolest thing you found in the back country

    I've found arrowheads, one really cool one, a few very old cartridge cases and a really rusted out trap. Found a few iron wagon wheel 'tires' on the prairie and shovel so old that the metal was almost all rust-colored dirt as I was trying to free it from some frozen dirt. A very small cast...
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    Toilet Paper out in the Field

    1/2 roll to TP in the pack in a bag to protect it from "pack rash". I then peel off 7/8 paper towels, fold them up and put them in my thigh pocket (whatever it's called) for rapid reaction when it's time. This is a family friendly website: Can someone carefully explain what the heck a field...
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    Newbie Fall bear hunt MT

    Congrats on going on your first solo hunt! You're going to have a blast and learn why a lot of people on this site hunt alone 90% of the time. IMHO, unless you're hunting before 9/15 (start of bow season) why take the bow when your chances for success are higher with a rifle? I get that it's...
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    Idaho/Montana Fly Fishing

    Plenty of places to pull off and wet a fly along the Gallatin River if you drive up that direction.
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    Billings fishing

    especially if you're hunting morning and evening - kind of a long haul to trout water. If you tag out early, Big Spring in Lewsitown is a fun place to fish.
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    Billings fishing

    As The Guide says, how far north? I haven't seen the Mussleshell or fished it for way too long, worth looking at if you're close to Roundup. But the Yellowstone is the likely bet. As a kid, we used to put as many worms as we could on a treble hook with a bobber and try for carp in some of the...
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    Opening Morning Oregon Roosevelt

    Great bull! Congratulations!
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    Antelope field care

    Same as most previous posters: skin and quarter in the field, all quarters/backstraps in game bags and have a cooler with ice in the truck. Has worked well and nothing compares to antelope meat IMHO!
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    Are Honda/Toyota/Mazda/Subaru overrated?

    Agreed^^^^^ Our family has put hundreds of thousands of highly trouble free miles on Subarus, Hondas and Toyotas. Time in the shop, doing constant repairs and dealing with crap falling off or electrical problems isn't something I want to deal with. US made trucks seem to work really well...
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    Sagebrush Dry Gear Review, by Jeff Lund

    Don't know who owns Sagebrush now, but I used to work with the people who owned the company when it was in Dillon, MT. GREAT people who used gear very hard. They were guides on the Beaverhead and kayak toured all over SE Alaska. Great review, thank you
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    Flying out moose hunting today

    Hope you have an awesome time, get a moose, get all your vehicles sorted but most of all get your head right!
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    Truck stickers

    Brilliant logic! To keep inventory low on your swappable stickers: there are all kinds of "house divided" stickers with MSU/UM, OSU/OU, etc.. You can claim sympathy from both camps. This should be the next MeatEater product line. Drew a MT sheep tag years ago and there was a huge lifted...
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    I'm not as good as I once was on long slogs in the high country, but used to take a lot of Gatorade powder and water filter. I know, not as cool as the new stuff that is likely way better. Every decently clear stream I'd filter and drink more than I thought I needed. There was a story years...
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    Am I stupid not to take a spotting scope on an early season high country buck hunt?

    If you want it to rain, you wash your car. If you want to shoot a massive mulie at 30 yards, you bring a spotter. Simple logic. IMHO: If you don't have the cash, use what you have with confidence. Plenty of people tip over great bucks w/o a spotter and you have binos on a tripod plus your...
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    Mt antelope drawing results 2023

    Congrats on the draw and check out the regs for the whole 700 region. It's a great tag if you want to bag an antelope, TONS of public land with easy access.