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    Sportsman's Warehouse coupon code?

    Does anyone have any Sportsman's Warehouse coupons they will not be using? Going on an outwest trip next week and decided last minute that it would be a good idea to get a compact pair of binos. Please send me a pm if you have one! Thanks in advance
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    Reloading bench ideas

    Sounds good. Thanks for the reply
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    Reloading bench ideas

    I ended up buying the same bench..did you have issues attaching the mount for the press? Without knowing the hole pattern, I was afraid the bolts would line up on the frame of the table. Did you have any issues with that?
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    Vortex Razor HD Gen 1 20-60x85 vs Athlon Ares G2 20-60x85

    Have any luck on a comparison?
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    Flying commercial with spotting scope?

    As already mentioned, all optics go in the carry on back pack.
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    Binocular Harness Head to Head

    Spoiler alter…Marsupial wins hands down!!! Kidding but I love mine, it’s just an awesome setup
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    WTB Redding VLD seating stem - 6.5

    Looking to buy 55746 Redding vld 6.5 seating stem
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    Reloading bench ideas

    I know there are a few posts where people are showing their reloading setups…rather than just those up with my questions I figured I’d ask on my own post. Anyway, I’m new to reloading. A buddy of mine has been showing me the ropes on his equipment. I have my own coming and would like to start...
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    Inconsistent chrono readings on bright sunny days

    I’d sell both your units and get a Labradar. Will cut down on the amount of stuff you bring to the range. I used magneto speed and like their consistency but they throw off poi a good bit on my rifle. I just bought a labradar just haven’t used it yet.
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    Have you ever got into an argument elk hunting?

    Reading some of these posts leads me to believe that some people will do or say some really stupid stuff over an animal. To almost want to kill someone or get into a super heated argument over an elk is just insane. Yeah I get it, I don’t like someone else telling me I’m on their property when...
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    Leupold Binoculars

    I know models and technology probably has changed, but about 5 or 6 years ago I was looking for a pair of "budget binos" and went to Cabela's to try a few out. I don't remember all the specifics of the other binos but I looked through everything Cabela's had in the similar price range of the...
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    Maven B.6 12x50 vs Vortex Razor HD, and UHD 12x50 ***Updated 1/23/22***

    Cant wait to see this. Looking to potentially replace my existing binos and looking at Maven pretty hard.
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    Labradar - out of stock everywhere??

    Where did you get the trigger from?
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    Hailing from Pittsburgh…

    Wow small world. The owner of the cheer place is my cousin haha
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    Hailing from Pittsburgh…

    Small town up in the Altoonaish Johnstownish area. Called Saint Benedict
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    Elk Hunting Montana Outfitters

    Wow...this post really took a turn. Though the information is great for the overall area of Montana, the main post was started about a specific outfitter. Im going to be posting my review about said outfitter in a different post that hopefully is left for the outfitter specific
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    Hailing from Pittsburgh…

    Welcome. Since most people that do not live in PA thinks everyone is either from Pittsburgh or Philly I’d say I’m “from” Pittsburgh too. Actually east of it about 90 miles but even people from PA haven’t heard of my town.
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    Elk hunt near Darby, Montana

    I hunted north west of you about 3 hours this Nov and that part of the state seems to have been wiped out by wolves or so the locals say. We didnt see an elk in 6 days, I saw a couple handful of mule deer and 3 whitetail. Obviously where we were wasnt very good but that doesnt mean much, a mile...
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    Elk Hunting Montana Outfitters

    I give you tons of props for the dont give up attitude. I dont necessarily only consider a hunt successful if I get game but I dont know how many years I could do it not seeing much of anything and keep coming back. Obviously just because that was my experience in specific locations doesnt mean...
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    Elk Hunting Montana Outfitters

    I know wolves were brought up several times by different people on the trip. I know they are elusive but none were seen all week that Im aware of, they probably have moved on as well. As some of you know, that area is very nice country and shouldnt have an issue holding plenty of animals. Its...