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    Toilet paper or wet wipes?

    God wants you to bury your shit." We need a shirt with this info. Lots of variations on the google, but this is my favorite. Deuteronomy 23:14 Tree of Life Version 14 You are to have a shovel for yourself among your weapons. Now when you sit down outside, you are to dig with it and turn and...
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    Climbing sticks

    I doubt you'll find anything anything with the same performance to value ratio of the Heliums (4 sticks for $100). For the "best of the best" I'd take a hard look at the latitude carbon sticks (no metal) or if you're in the lone wolf game their sticks for the "integrated system" aspect. I have...
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    Magview Inductive Charge Plate Not Working

    Update: They responded quickly that there is a lot of variables between phones, chargers, and cases. Their only suggestion was to "move it around" and see if that helps. Probably need to make that disclaimer for the technologically challenged people, but not so helpful for me. They also said...
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    Federal land and State animals

    Nope. Not a fan of some of their positions. Particularly trying to create a wilderness area in lower michigan. As mentioned before I'm pro wilderness but removing roads and telling Jimmy down the road he can't drive to his favorite fishing hole or old Johnny that "his" hunting spot of 30 years...
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    Federal land and State animals

    It's the same argument for federally funded lands within a state. Locking out the NRs who provide federal funding is similarly state welfare. I still think there should be priority for locals but think there should be acknowledgment/accommodation in the form of tags and access for NRs and the...
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    Federal land and State animals

    I struggle with this debate. As a MI resident working in the auto industry I'm in the NR game for all things western (zero chance I'd do the CA auto thing) and am regularly bummed when I have to scratch off an area due to wyoming's wilderness law. I feel as though I am funding someone else's use...
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    Magview Inductive Charge Plate Not Working

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the inductive charge plate doesn’t seem to work with my phone, case, charger combination. iPhone 13, verizon free corporate case (slightly less heavy duty than otterbox), and a ~4yo anker inductive charger that worked prior to the plate install. I’ve...
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    Michigan Elk

    Also interested in how your hunt went. I've got a hunting buddy who drew a first season cow tag. He was asking about guided vs DIY. I told him I knew a free guide if he went DIY (sounds like fun and who knows if I'll ever draw a MI tag). I'm curious if you went guided or DIY and would love any...
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    Who here hunts whitetail fro ma saddle setup?

    For me it's a time and a place thing. I've got a dryad mini hybrid (basically a rock climbing harness with sling) and bring either a predator platform or lwcg .75 (new this year). If it's a place i've pre-scouted I make a note whether a stand or saddle would be best and bring in items...
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    Kifaru Bino Harness

    Magview has the magnet on the optic not the phone. Phone just gets a steel plate. I’ve not had issues with my phone (IPhone 12) and marsupial case. But do miss having a ball compass pinned to the top of my harness like on my AGC harness. A lot of times in thick timber I just need to go a...
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    Glassing pads and stools

    Depends on the hunt. Heavy glassing = crazy creek hex Moderate glassing = cut up z seat Minimal glassing (no tripod) = no seat
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    Point Banking in Colorado - Pay Extra?

    Not sure what you mean by that^^. It wouldn't change the supply and demand equation. It would just change who has a chance at a glory tag. With the current system someone who just started applying would have a 0% chance at drawing a top unit. In a cap based system after 15 years of applying...
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    Point Banking in Colorado - Pay Extra?

    It would function the same as those who currently have max points. If there are more applications than tags those with the max points (cap) would be entered into a random draw. I think it would be a good stepping stone to full random (where we'll likely end up). At some point if applicants...
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    Point Banking in Colorado - Pay Extra?

    If I were king of the west I would allow point averaging, institute a point ceiling (a maximum of 10-15 points), and make all tags require application (no OTC tags). That way you are incentivized to apply/use your points, get in a lottery for the OIL tags, and/or wait for the leftover list to...
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    Question for the left handed shotgunners

    I have both. A 12 and 20 870 that I switched the safety around on and a lefty versa max. I went with the lefty autoloader after shooting a friends 11-87 and getting the occasional powder to the face. Either the gas driven autoloader was the reason or I'm so slow on a pump that the I let the...
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    Hunting Etiquette. 2 tags 1 week of hunting.

    This ^^ For us it comes down to points and the value we assign them. for 0-5 points we will typically both get tags and follow our convoluted/logic defying method of deciding who's "special day" it is. sometimes it changes with opportunity, history, or numerous other factors. But we make a...
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    Third season Colorado mule deer 54, 551 or 30?

    Oh yeah. 170+ bucks everywhere. Basically just point your rifle at the sage and they jump in front of your bullet. Would be a lot of work but nice if the mods went thru and deleted any thread with a unit number. You should probably try sending a PM directly next time. Though, if you did that...
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    Hunting Tag Organization/Transport

    Have you tried the killer new tag wallet from kifrau? It’s the only piece of kit I’ll run for something as important as my harvest tags. Only things more important might be my flatbill or phone for the #gram. Seriously, ziplock bag in a place that is always on you (Bino harness for me). I’ve...
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    Lemon law anybody use it?

    Sounds like a forward detection sensor/wiring issue (radar/camera) based on the "pre-collision" warning. Probably something that is used by TM as well. Faults are very descriptive these days and most OEs have troubleshooting/resolution trees for each fault. i.e. check this wire, that connector...
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    Exo Mountain K4?

    Are there frame/fabric limits on how far you can cut down the stays? i.e. can I have a set of 26.5 and a set at 23.5 or 24 and still use the same fabric/frame system?