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    140gr Speer Impact in a 6.5x284

    I hear people talk about H1000 a lot, so I tried some in one of my rifles, can’t remember which, and I couldn’t get the velocity close to what I was supposed to be getting, so I gave up on it. Lately, I’ve been thinking of trying some Vihtavouri, but according to manuals, it’s a bit behind on...
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    140gr Speer Impact in a 6.5x284

    I just loaded a few for my 6.5-06 a couple days ago. My first random try was 53 grains of Reloader 26. First 3 shot group at a hundred was 9/16”. Not sure what the velocity was as I didn’t have the Labradar set up. I’m gonna move up a grain and see how it does, and if it does good, then I’ll do...
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    StaBall HD powder

    I’ve found one. The 116 grain, 25 caliber hammer hunters will absolutely not shoot past a hundred out of my 25-06, and I spent $1000 rebarreling it with an 8 twist that Steve says is fast enough. After 50 some rounds, I’ve given up on em’. It’ll shoot the 98 and 104’s fine, but that’s not what I...
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    264 win mag

    My 264 with IMR 7828SSC and swift sciroccos is absolutely death on whitetails as far as you’d ever need to shoot. Almost always groups 3/4” or less @ a hundred out of my Ruger 77 Hawkeye. H4350 also was very good, producing 3/8” groups with 140 grain Hornady a-max’s. Just for fun, I loaded up a...