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    Perception of Pain & Discomfort

    Turmeric helps my perception.
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    Do you take small game hunting as seriously as big game?

    Small game is more of a leisurely activity.
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    Rental trucks off road

    Just smile and wave.
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    Future of Muzzleloader hunting

    I'll vouch for the tough hunting in Florida, esp. outside the panhandle. So tough it borders on "why even bother".
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    Perfect Summer Weather

    Every year, about this time, I wish I lived in Alaska.
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    Long in the tooth.....

    A Cabelas fleece daypack that has to be 30+ years old. How it hasnt fallen apart, I dont know. Been used regularly, and even hauled some meat.
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    Future of Muzzleloader hunting

    If I ever archery hunted again, it would be with a recurve crossbow.
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    What is your go-to ready-to-eat food in the field?

    Build a small twig fire and heat up some Beanie Weeenies. Baby Bel cheese, Cheez it crackers, fig newtons.
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    How much for hunting club\lease dues?

    Yeah, and I can see the whole 2K acres from one spot. And see that there is nothing on it.
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    Future of Muzzleloader hunting

    The modern muzzy guys could also use their scoped, long range guns during regular rifle. Keeping primitive weapons seasons primitive. I think that was the whole point of primitive weapons season. Also let me say that an unscoped recurve crossbow is way more primitive than ANY compound bow. I...
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    How much for hunting club\lease dues?

    The last club I enquired about, the "president of the club" sent me the 17 pages of rules. No Thanks!!
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    Do you think a .357 would stop a brown bear attack ?

    The all popular 10mm people rave about is basically a .357.
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    How much for hunting club\lease dues?

    I havent been in one of those drama clubs, I call them..., in quite a while. But, from what I hear they run 3K$/yr. and up now.
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    Idaho draw results 2023

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    Idaho draw results 2023

    Now.....4 thousand people in line. Serious question: What kind of system lets one person at a time check results?
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    Idaho draw results 2023

    So, if it's putting me in a waiting line to buy a tag, does that mean I drew something? I'm not going to sit here and wait for 2000 other people to check their results.
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    Idaho draw results 2023

    to check results??? only 2000 people in front of me LOL!!! I already got the usuck email for deer.
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    Idaho draw results 2023

    How are y'all checking results. When I go to buy a license online, it puts me in a queu or something. Before today I could see my apps..
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    Best lightweight hooded fishing shirt for sun protection

    I'll 2nd the Duck Camp stuff.