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    I have a fleece1/4 zip i bought from them probably 5 or 6 years ago, Lifetime Warranty. Well, after about a year the cuffs came apart on both sides. Like the thread they used to sew on the elastic stuff just came undone which made the cuffs gigantic. They didn’t offer me a warranty repair...
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    Hunting private ground in your state

    In SE WI closer to 0% if you dont already know a person of have some other sort of in. But just randomly knocking youre going to get turned away pretty much 100% of the time. Most land being sold nowadays around here is to developers or overpaid FIBs who think meat comes from the store and...
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    New Record! Colorado elk…

    People can deny it all they want but its the Internet, Youtube, social media effect. When i got my start in the 80s you had to WANT to go hunt at this place or that it wasnt suggested to you as an option by nameless "influencers". Nor was the blueprint on how to go about doing it basically...
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    Meat Processing (Deer)

    Processing your own meat is just part of the process and can be as much fun as the hunt. I don’t look at it as hard work at all. Me, my old man, and my son just set up in the garage with each of us having a station over a few beers and before you know it we are done and the meat is exactly...
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    Bow troubles, really need some advice please.

    Shooting too light of arrows is essentially the same as dry firing a bow. Get a new archery shop to work with. For what it’s worth, torquing a bow is common for new archers and will not cause arrows to be damaged. It just causes poor arrow flight and accuracy problems.
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    Sad day

    The buck is still there, get out and hunt him down. All that stuff that burned is just material stuff, it doesn’t matter. The memories you make with that boy hunting that buck, whether you get him or not, are what matters. Best of luck
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    Entire sleep system under pack?

    It will work just fine. Nothing wrong with having a little discomfort, nothing wrong with that at all. Hope you have a great hunt.
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    Supplements and Vitamins

    Get blood work and go from there. I was EXTREMELY low in Vit D which really surprised me as I pretty much live outside and get plenty of sun, too much probably. Despite that i was super low where the Doc put me on High Dose Vit D for a few months. It can indeed have consequences too such as...
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    20 years ago - Advice to your younger self

    Dont waste a single moment caring what anyone else thinks.
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    How many rounds do you pack in with you on a hunt?

    You’re a god if you use 30 rounds on one outing and come out with a deer, bear, cougar, wolf, coyote, etc on a single trip. One trip i did kill a buck and a coyote on the way out though but that was two shots. But hey, if you think you need 30 have at it i’m not telling anyone what to do i was...
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    How many rounds do you pack in with you on a hunt?

    5 total, any more needed than that its my fault and the deer win. I dont recall taking more than 2 or maybe 3 shots at an animal ever in my 35 years of hunting i am dumfounded at how many of yall take 10-20 rounds!
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    What do you use for protein and supplements?

    Venison, Walleyes, and Crappie for protein.
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    Bad taxidermy or high expectations?

    Looks fine to me However, i have personally mounted every single animal ive killed on a skull plaque since i was 10 and always will. So take my opinion on it with a grain of salt as I personally dont see the value of mounting animals in general. Heck, i dont know where id put all my animals...
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    Do you find technology helpful in staying fit?

    I find technology does more to keep me UNFIT than fit. Thats just the opinion of a 47 yo who grew up playing in the woods on a 1000 acre farm hunting and fishing when you didnt have devices and apps to help you locate game or fish or tell you how many steps it is to your treestand. So that...
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    Wrestling a Grizz to the death

    I did chase a bear off with a filet knife once. There is a video of this on my computer somewhere.
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    When do children return to school where you are?

    Yeah, i agree with you on a lot of that. HOWEVER, if i were a Superintendent i would just say, "no phones in school" and leave it at that. Any phone found during school hours gets confiscated and the parents can come pick it up after school for the kid. Parents dont like it take your kids out...
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    What knife for a gift?

    If someone were to gift me a knife id be tickled with a Bark River with a curly maple or burl handle.
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    When do children return to school where you are?

    To this day I just cannot understand why schools are unable to just say, "no cell phones during school hours"??? Heck, my wife and i dont let family members have their cell phones when they are over for things like Christmas gatherings anymore because all they do is stare at them, lol. My son...
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    When do children return to school where you are?

    Thanks for re stating there are no minimum days in WI as ive now stated like 3 times, appreciate that.