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    WTS Barrett Fieldcraft with Swarovski

    Lots of brainwashed folks on here who think scopes have to be NF, SWFA, or Trijicon to be used away from a bench. Slick rifle. Good luck with sale
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    Best Dall Sheep Outfitters?

    Not sure if dall prices are going up, or if this winning bidder was just being generous for a good cause, but this got my attention today
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    Food plot tractors

    What did you end up getting and how is it working out?
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    What are the top factors determining where you live?

    Wife's family location is #1 factor currently
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    CO Sheep guide needed.

    Yep. The responses about not needing a guide are from the typical crowd. I know lots of people who go on guided hunts, and most don't worry about what other people think, especially people on a internet forum. They are out living their life every day and doing real stuff. 'Travel and tell...
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    Montana K Bar L Ranch Experience?

    Nice man. I had never heard of them before. When I saw $6K for an elk hunt I raised my eyebrows because I thought ranch hunts are going for close to $15K these days in MT, but in looking closer at their website, it looks like you stay at the ranch which is on private, but you ride into "the Bob"...
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    Optic advice

    I have heard that eye strain is common with the Mavens
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    Optic advice

    Your current setup seems perfect for a backpacker, especially a sheep hunter. Where do you feel you have gaps? What is your typical application?
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    CO Sheep guide needed.

    How many days should it take someone in your opinion to fill a ewe tag? Backcountry ninja vs. out of state googan? 1 day for the ninja and a week for the googan?
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    Consolidated Dictionary & Guidelines for Backcountry Hunter dialect

    I always thought a growler was when you blast a 4 inch gator tail of Columbian bam-bam off of a strippers butt in Vegas. Now as for going #2, I call that a knee-knocker, or baptizing a blind seal, or taking the browns to the superbowl.
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    Maven b6 vs GPO HD vs Leupold BX5 Santiam 10 x 50

    I really like the specs on GPO, but I just can't bring myself to buy a product called "GERMAN precision optics", that is made in JAPAN. If they called themselves anything else, Samurai Optics, Daniel Son, Wax on Wax Off, I'd be a buyer.....are they that stupid, or do they think the market is? I...
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    Reliable stone sheep pricing

    This may sound harsh, and please don't take this personally, because anytime anyone on here posts a question asking how much a sheep hunt is I think the same thing as I do right now.......If you were serious about going on a stone hunt, you would already know the answers to these questions...
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    Reliable stone sheep pricing

    I talked to an outfitter in BC the other day. He is charging in the upper 60s to book right now, but he did sell a hunt to someone at a show recently for $100K. Can't fault him for that. Outfitters are running a business, not saving the manatees.
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    Thoughts on Liquidating Retirement Accounts

    Maybe one day I'll be as wise and successful as you. Doubtful though.
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    Thoughts on Liquidating Retirement Accounts

    Relying?....hardly .Im guessing the life of everyone on the Slide has a financial component to it. Its the one thing we all have in common besides being humans. Im guessing the vast majority pay a mortgage every month....many also probably have truck payments. Nevermind credit card balances...
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    Thoughts on Liquidating Retirement Accounts

    Yeah, if you read my original post, I just wanted to hear from anyone who had done it. Seems like no one has. The question was not "should I or should I not and why?" I can parrot all the reasons not to sell retirement assets. Also didn't ask about asset allocation or concentration. The...
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    Thoughts on Liquidating Retirement Accounts

    Yeah those names were all crushing it from March 2020 to Nov 2021. Cathie Wood and everyone following her (including me) were feeling pretty good there for awhile Will definitely have to think about the home equity loan. Have never considered it.
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    Thoughts on Liquidating Retirement Accounts

    I manage this account, yes. I manage many different accounts, some with very boring asset allocations (JNJ, 3M, KO, etc.) that are doing just fine, but those accounts have different purposes and obligations. This particular account I intentionally took an aggressive and highly concentrated...