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  1. simplepeddler

    Thousands of acres of crop land getting turned into solar farms across the Midwest

    This country is spending dump truck loads of money for solar and wind energy and getting thimble loads as results. The first step to affordable and cleaner energy is natural gas. The infrastructure is mostly in place, and while not 100% clean, it's a huge step to a reasonable alternative...
  2. simplepeddler

    Grand pa’s old mount, what to do with it?

    Thanks for saying that! Wished I could.
  3. simplepeddler

    Grand pa’s old mount, what to do with it?

    My dad gifted me my grand dad’s only mounted deer. Killed back in 1979. I remember how proud he was of this mount. Thing is, it’s in tough shape. I have a taxidermist that can make it into a skull mount. What would you guys do? I really have no room for it as is.
  4. simplepeddler

    Stretching program?

    Wait.......just wait! Old dudes are supposed to be able to touch their toes? Really? Man, I would pull my miniscafalobiansyatica nerve if I tried that!
  5. simplepeddler

    The Topic is knives.

    I second the recommendation on a Wicked Edge. Pricey for sure, but mine is at least a decade old and hanging in!
  6. simplepeddler

    The joys of getting older

    At 58 I am well experienced with losing hair in places I wished it would stay, and gaining hair where I wished it would not grow, Crazy. But the real pain is my little bride, who seems to notice these displaced hairs while I am driving and tends to want to extract them immediately!! Nothing...
  7. simplepeddler

    Legit Hunting Personalities

    Met David Blanton this past weekend at a big buck competition. My buddy killed a really interesting buck that scored at 197 and some change. David came over and wanted to know the entire story, from history of the deer, where of course, time of day, day of the year, what weapon. It was a VERY...
  8. simplepeddler

    Favorite small game recipes

    Fry down half pound of bacon in a cast iron pot, preferably a pot older than you mama and dem. remove the bacon, and two teaspoons of sugar and blend in. More sure you don't splash dat, it's hotter dan hell full of peppered sinners. Then brown floured squirrel in the pan. Get it to the color...
  9. simplepeddler

    Pics of wood and blues steel rifles

    Yep, I’m an old timer!
  10. simplepeddler

    Average age of Rokslide folks

    I am with you. However, this forum is targeted to, well, guys that slide rocks when they hunt. That style of hunting seems to lean towards the 35-50 guys. I know older guys still hunt in the hills, which is why I am here. To live vicariously through you guys.
  11. simplepeddler

    Pics of wood and blues steel rifles

    Beautiful pieces guys!
  12. simplepeddler

    Where do you get your daily News?

    Lent of 2022 I made the decision to stop listening to ANY 24 hour news cycle channel. Even cancelled the XM in my truck. All I listen to now is music I choose and podcast. Start the day off with a men's devotional and go from there. One of the better things I've ever done. I will never say...
  13. simplepeddler

    Whitetails hunting resources

    Whitetail Habitat Solutions.
  14. simplepeddler

    How long have you old timers been married?

    Thanks, I always enjoy and opportunity to brag on my bride. It will be 22 for us in a week. This is our second marriage for both of us. We have three kids all doing well and on granddaughter. I’m 58 she is 57. Yes, I out kicked my coverage. Met at work. Yes, I married my secretary. Best...
  15. simplepeddler

    Small Hunting / House / Mountain Dog

    I visited with a guy just yesterday that has Jagd's. From the video's he showed me and stories he shared, I tend to side with your wife. But, he has a buddy that uses one to frog around crawfish ponds. Damn cool stuff!! I've had a boykin for 14 years, super dog. Just know, you do not train...
  16. simplepeddler

    Speaking of bad hunting partners…

    Finding the right hunting partner is almost as important as the right spouse!. I've been fortunate. I have three or four guys that all "fit" I can tell right away when a guy does not fit well. The way I can tell is dinner. Yep dinner. If I am planning anything with a group of guys, I try to...
  17. simplepeddler

    "I don't really want to kill anything"

    Setting aside our personal goals to allow the older AND the younger hunter to enjoy a day in the field, is what will help to preserve hunting in this country.
  18. simplepeddler

    "I don't really want to kill anything"

    My dad is 84 now. Still today, spending the day with him requires leather gloves. Would not trade away a single day with him. You’ve made the right decision. Keep us posted on the outcome.