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  1. SteveAndTheCrigBoys

    Woah Brah... We're not alone...

    Has Joe Rogan weighed in on this? I only get my alien related news from Joe. Or Tom DeLonge
  2. SteveAndTheCrigBoys

    What’s a good earbud everyone uses at the gym?

    +1 for the Jabra Elite Active. Mine are 5 years old and still going strong. I'm a sweater too. The battery case is starting to need more frequent charging, but haven't ever had any problems with the earbuds.
  3. SteveAndTheCrigBoys

    Sandals, what are you wearing?

    The Z1 chacos don't have a strap between the toes. Been wearing those for a decade or so. Main bummer is the straps don't dry out very quickly after getting wet. Recently got crocs again and they're much lighter so they're my backpacking camp shoes and fishing shoes.
  4. SteveAndTheCrigBoys

    Dark Energy versus Biolite versus Anker ?

    Well I just googled it and most solar panel setups weigh as much or more than the 100mAh Anker, so probably not that great of an idea haha. I've seen people try to charge e-bike batteries with them before and I don't think it worked particularly well.
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    Just bought a portable and the backpacker. We had the latter on an Enchantments Colchuck permit a couple years back and it was a game changer.
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    Dark Energy versus Biolite versus Anker ?

    Tagging. I've had an Anker 100 mAh for a long time and it's never let me down. The advertised charging capacity has been pretty dead on. 6-7 mostly full charges on an iPhone 11. Interested in going with a smaller capacity, lighter battery and adding a solar panel for some trips.
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    Knight Ultralight Elk bullets/charge

    I've shot misc Barnes and Powerbelts out of my DISC. No particular standouts. I'm not a huge ballistics nerd though. Western WA muzzy shop owner said the 338gr platinum powerbelt is his best selling elk bullet and it shoots fine outta my DISC so that's what I'm using.
  8. SteveAndTheCrigBoys

    What bullet should I take

    I'm shooting the 338gr powerbelts in my Knight. Muzzy shop owner said it's one of the most popular bullets around here, don't have any killing experience with it though. Shoots pretty darn well at 100yd.
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    Kokanee Fishing.

    What tackle setup are you running? I fish for them on Lake Washington a good bit. Bites can be few and far between and I don't mark a ton of fish. At Alta lake however, I mark them out the wazoo but they seem to have a very narrow bite window where you can't keep a lure in the water. I run...
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    Upgrading Bino's - One Pair vs Two

    I ended up with 10x42 Zeiss Conquests. I'll probably look to get pair of 15 vultures or similar to take on a scouting trip to compare. If the 15's really shine I might upgrade to some Steiners or BX-5's or something in that under $1k price point. Trying to find a bedded buck a mile away in 18...
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    bino recommendations

    Yeah Vipers are definitely a step above the Diamondbacks, good call.
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    Wrangler atg synthetic pants

    Actually helps to have it written out in one place now that I look at it again. Have to imagine it's one of the nylon or polyester models, probably 2. Synthetic Utility or 8.Trail
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    Wrangler atg synthetic pants

    This is a question I've had but never asked. There are 12 or so models of the ATG on the Wrangler website. Which one exactly do people like?? They're so different. 1. ATG Reinforced Utility (+Camo Version) - Straight Fit, Mid Rise, Straight Leg, Fabric: 98% cotton, 2% spandex. Weight 8.9oz 2...
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    Freak's charged with felony

    Why not both? BO and GoHunt both sell the Big Agnes Divide sleeping pad and it's priced the same on both sites. GoHunt has stated that they are selling out their MF inventory and not restocking. BO hasn't made a statement and it appears they will keep supporting MF. If you have a problem with...
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    Argali Owyhee 1P Tent | What do you wanna know?

    I'm the same size as OP and got in one at a Full Draw event...I don't think you'll fit very well.
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    Crispi vs Schnees

    Give Schnee's a call, they're a good resource to talk to. 800-922-1562 or Matt at @Schnee's on here.
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    Argali Skyline Ti Titanium Wood Stove

    I like the idea of the L-bracket connection instead of the pass through all-thread. Would definitely be interested in seeing an assembly video to see how that works. Big fan of the leg design too in theory. I like the stamping on the sides but no stamping on the top even though part of the...
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    Who hunts alone?

    I like deer camp during late rifle in NE Washington. We just still hunt so you can hunt dawn to dusk and have plenty of time at camp to make dinner, have a campfire, have some bourbon and still get 8 hours. The hunt is a last ditch effort to fill tags and no one takes it too seriously. Have a...
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    Recession Coming?

    I work for a company that does a lot of construction work for tech companies...Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, etc. Word from all of them has been that WFH is less productive. If it wasn't, we'd be out of a lot of work. Those companies have paused new construction for a couple years now but are...