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    Rich Man's Sport

    Do you believe you have a right to the energy and fuel produced by another state at a reasonable rate?
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    Wyoming HB0200

    Not necessarily. But, with price increases, it will whittle out another tier of hunters that now see it as being too expensive. What will end up happening is the NR "wealthy elite" will pick up the tab and solidify their own public hunt club...
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    Young/New Hunters, are you concerned about the future of hunting?

    WY, right now, is leading the way...
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    NM Attempts to Abolish Game and Fish

    I wouldn't say the "governor" has been woke, pretty rum-dumb actually.
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    NM Attempts to Abolish Game and Fish

    Yes, "special" in that regard for sure...
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    NM Attempts to Abolish Game and Fish

    Word is this bill died in committee.
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    NM Attempts to Abolish Game and Fish

    Won't stop until people are willing to step up and pay the price if needed...
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    Side Hustle

    That's a side business that's manageable, until you tire of it. You may drum up so much work that you get sick of it. Just something to consider.
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    Side Hustle

    Just a note on trades stuf like carpentry, electrical, and plumbing for remodels: Make sure you understand your state's rules on offering contractor services. Also might want to think about being insured and bonded.
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    Wyoming Shed Hunting Bill Proposal

    What a bunch of knuckle-heads.
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    Muzzleloader who shot hunter found guilty

    In NM? With a liberal justice system?
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    First overnight hunt with my daughter

    Do it as much as you can - before you know it, she'll be off to college or on her own and you'll wonder where the time went.
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    Nosler Partition vs nosler accubond

    Accubonds, although Partitions work well also.
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    Short quotes that speak volumes.

    "Breaking someone's trust is like crumpling up a perfect piece of paper. You can smooth it over, but it's never going to be the same again". "Indeed the safest road to [destruction] is the gradual one - the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without...
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    Texas Gun Proposals

    Doesn't matter if CA's Constitution doesn't grant the right, the US Constitution does and CA is subservient to that document.
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    College Help

    Guess I don't follow since either option, college or trade school, does not require you to stay anywhere. The point to my post is don't make a lifelong lasting decision based on a few short years of doing without a luxury event, aka, hunting. The best time to move and settle west is when...
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    College Help

    Except when a few years later roll around and he's grown up a bit, he'll be entering the field of professesion that many years behind as a newbie making the golden ticket of retirement that far as well. Best to bite the bullet while young and then live the better life later. Economics 250...
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    College Help

    So, to be exactly opposite what you're asking, going to school for a future profession shouldn't be based on hunting opportunity. It should be based on several other factors like program of interest, job placement, etc. But, to get back on topic, how many days hunting is he planning on? That...
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    Texas Gun Proposals

    I thought only the US Senate could levy a tax on federal matters, which firearm ownership is.