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    Sawtooth + day pack lid, or metcalf? Need help from New Zealand!

    I have that exact set up. I mainly whitetail hunt in Texas so not a huge need to pack a lot in. I bought it to use on upcoming elk, mule deer and caribou hunts. there is more than enough room for all of my gear listed below kill kit. (2 full size fixed blades. Gloves and zip ties...
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    Sold model 7 6mm rem

    Pics. Barrel length?
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    Sold Badger M2013/Proof/Manners - Full Custom .308

    What does she weigh?
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    WTS 6.5 Hobbit kit

    This is the part where I cry. I’ve been eyeing an MGM build for a few weeks and now I see a pic of one printing daisies. This thread cost me at least $1500 as I now have to order the barrel and of course need a new scope And rings. Nice barrel. GLWS.
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    WTS 224 valkyrie SEEKINS PRECISION FJB***

    Any pics of how it shoots?
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    How to Add Weight to Your Pack?

    I’ve used the gravel before. Also used a 2x4 cut to 44” to simulate the rifle and not freak out the neighbors. Didn’t like the 2x4 as the weight didn’t match the rifle. I may try the 2” pvc pipe filled with sand above. I can have the weight match exactly as the rifle and still get used to...
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    Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16x44 & Christensen Arms Ridgeline FFT review by Tony Trietch

    Interesting as I am waiting on a custom build that is very similar In the configuration. Similar rifle and scope. Can‘t wait to read the review on the scope.
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    Is the stand alone GPS a thing of the past?

    I spend ROM 4000 minutes per month on the phone. I take EVERY opportunity to not use it. Looks like I am getting a separate device.
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    Pup walked over a copperhead today.

    Ditto on the benadryl. Hounds can take 3x the human dose This ge really lessens the skin damage from the poison as a smaller amount of flesh will rot off. My place is covered in copper heads. I’ve done the little girl dance a few to many times almost stepping on them.
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    Pig Problems

    Had them heavy on my property 7 years ago. no Problem killing 25-30 per year. A neighbor 3 miles away started trapping them seriously for profit. Haven seen many since. Now I only see a few loan boars on the cameras between midnight and sunrise.
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    OnX Hunt Maps vs GoHunt Maps

    Curious what is best for someone totally new to the apps and hunting out of state. In TX I just buy my license and hunt my property. Now I am looking at outfitters in other states for elk, mule deer, pronghorn and eventually caribou.
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    Canning Your Wild-Game Meat (how-to + recipe)

    Good info. Doing my own canning is on my list of 50. Looks like I need to research finding a pressure cooker.
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    Meat! brand Grinder

    Thank you for the review. Looks like I’ll pick up the new 3/4 HP model. We grind 75-200 lbs per year and this should save hours of work. It may bankrupt the beer companies though as making sausage is the only time I seriously drink.
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    Lower back disc pain

    Agree 💯 on the inversion machine. It stretches you with you own weight. Use it weekly. Water water and more water. The majority of us are dehydrated and your tissues are 70% fluid. If you are not drinking half you body weight daily in water, not tea or coffee or sports drinks, but...
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    Springfield Armory Waypoint 2020 Pre Review.

    Joel. Thank you for sharing. now I am on the lookout for this in 308 stainless and adjustable.