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    Come on Montana! WTH?

    That’s mine. I’m scouting for shed szn
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    How much caffeine per day for you?

    M-F that first cup of coffee is often times the best part of my workday
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    Sons hunting game- hilarious

    It has a nice ring to it!
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    Montana land of Giant rams volume 3? This?
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    Pros and cons of accounting/CPA

    Look into sales & use tax accounting jobs Doesn’t have the typical tax busy season. Sales & use tax laws are interesting and vary on a state by state basis. Companies are always hiring these positions because they are pretty specialized.
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    Hunting Property Lines

    Saw this video pop up on the YouTube. Seems like some younger guys were hunting the property line and the landowner was a little heated. Not too familiar with the waterfowl scene. What do you guys think about this situation?
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    Best Credit Card? What an oxymoron.

    I have the same card. Treat it like a debit card
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    Attn: Guys from Missouri / Arkansas

    Springfield area I’d be down to meet up. Anyone in the area can feel free to PM me
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    The Queen is Dead

    Wasn’t she known for having bird dogs? And doing a little bird hunting?
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    Arkansas hunting and fishing?

    Buffalo River area has some good hiking trails and places where you can see the elk. Ponca area
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    Are you guys sick of tipping?

    Nah. I’m more sick of places asking for a 20% tip when I get takeout
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    Serious camping

    I only camp when the hunt requires it I hate camping. I’m soft. I love hot running water
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    Hunt to Eat no more

    They might actually have to hunt to eat now
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    Kifarucast Breakup

    This thread is going to get “crushed”
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    Everyday/Scouting/Hiking Pack

    Looking for a pack for occasional everyday use, day scouting trips, and some day hikes. Thought the Antero 2 would fit the bill but not sure I can justify the cost. Looking for any recommendations. Kuiu? Stone Glacier Avail? Some hiking brand?
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    Carrying a pistol while scouting

    I don’t carry while scouting with someone. Mostly because what happens when you spot a 200” mule deer and your partner sees it? It becomes a whole ordeal trying to figure out how to claim it was self defense. Just too much of a headache
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    New From Southern MO

    Welcome. Southern MO buck in your profile pic?
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    Ethics in hunting, the story of my once in a lifetime Buck....

    I’m surprised this story didn’t come up in Robby’s new book
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    PSA Dont be these idiots...

    I would rather die than have to live with the shame