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    Sold Outdoorsmans Package

    I’d be interested in the bino adapter if you go that direction Thanks
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    Washing Bloody Packs???

    For packs and game bags I put water in a cooler or tote and a cup or two of salt. I usually use pool salt because you can get it in bulk and it’s cheap. Swish and agitate it a couple minutes and the stains are out. Salt will also work to get a blood stain off your concrete. I’ve used it to get...
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    Vector VBS Broadhead Test

    Been awhile since a new head has intrigued me like this one. The sharpness is impressive!
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    My CVA Optima V2 build and real world elk experience…

    Congrats and thanks for the review. Starting to tinker in the muzzy world. Going to Tennessee in November to start on whitetail. 2 bucks and 3 does a day. Should get some things sorted out
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    Just courious, Do you always use trekking poles for tents?

    Pretty much the same as troutbum. 90% of the time I just use my poles for my LBO. There are times when I know I will be more stationary and in high steep terrain I will use a pole. As said, if I need the trekkers, I’ll pull them out and stake the peak down and put something on top of it
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    Sold Scarpa charmoz

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    Sold Scarpa charmoz

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    Solid double bevel 100 gr. Since I picked up a CO elk tag on the reissue list, I guess Elk!
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    Sold Scarpa charmoz

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    Sold Scarpa charmoz

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    WTT The Boot Trading thread

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    Sold Scarpa charmoz

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    Favorite Index Releases

    Used a RX1 for the last couple years. The drop tine that hamskea used to make was awesome. Really want to try the new strikex from Stan that was released 8 months ago but still isn’t out 😬
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    Single bevel 100 for moose…..literally anywhere
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    Expandable broadheads recommendation

    I’m a fan of dead meats. Always been a fixed guy for elk but had some serious issues go on with my bow and limited resources I could only get mechanicals to fly while in camp. My hand was somewhat forced to switch in order to stay on the hunt. Killed a bull the next day with a pass through at 46...
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    Solid DB 100. Stone sheep or any of the four
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    2022 Sheep Harvest Photos

    The rams coming out of Canada since it reopened have been insane. Sucked that it closed down but seems like the sheep benefited from it. You always here of winter kills knocking out an age class but here is basically the opposite since minimal hunting was done.
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    Sold Scarpa charmoz

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    Drawing WY Bighorn Tag NR

    With the 90/10 change they made, starting now is virtually impossible. Random draw tags will be down to just a couple. I was at 15 points and have been basically kicked out of the game. Rumblings about going to a squared points operation which may give a sliver of hope. But I’ll believe it when...
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    Sold Scarpa charmoz