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    Sold Swarovski ATX Eyepiece and Stay On Case

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    WTS Swaro ATX Eyepiece

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    WTS Swarovski 115mm Objective Lens

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    Sold Swarovski Balance rail

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    Hi brocksw. I would like to purchase the Swaro rail at $150, if available. Paypal, f&f ok? Thank...

    Hi brocksw. I would like to purchase the Swaro rail at $150, if available. Paypal, f&f ok? Thank you Opalfan.
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    Swarovski stm 65?

    I am a big fan of Swarovski and have an ATX 65 as well as several binoculars. The glass is superb. However, in order to mount you need a proprietary Swiss-Arca - based tripod head that in itself mounts to their CCT tripod stand. If you can get it all for a reasonable price, I would say go ahead! :)
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    How's everybody make a living

    Certified Public Accountant.
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    What's your Ulralight Optics Strategy? Just got the Maven 8x30 and loving them

    My lightweight glass is the Swaro NL Pure 8x32. Superlight and rugged.
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    Which lens to take on upcoming hunt?

    My favorite lens for outdoor shoots is my 24-70mm. I use it for 80% of my photos. A great all-arounder. It is good for landscapes, portraits...even weddings!
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    Camera Chest Rig Help

    I like the Cotton Carrier CCS G3. Very sturdy and well-made. The only downside is that it takes some practice removing the camera from the holder when readying for a photo. The latch is very secure and takes some getting used to! :)
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    compact spotters?

    I have a Swaro ATX 65 spotting scope. However, like what has been set in the above comments, I am using my binoculars more and more. This doesn't discount that the ATX 65 is very fine glass! :)
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    Single best pic you've ever taken

    Shorebirds, San Francisco Bay. Summer, 2021.
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    Swarovski NL PURE VS EL RANGE TA **Updated 5/4/22**

    Yes, I look forward to seeing your results too! I have the NL Pure 8x42 snd an older EL 8.5x42. Both are phenomenal glasses. The NL Pure, however, looks sleeker and has a little better ergonomic feel. Swaro makes great (but expensive) products! :)
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    Spotting Scope preference

    Angled for me. One gets neck pain with straight spotting scope after extended spotting. I have a Swaro scope and a NIkon Monarch scope. Both are wonderful, but I truly love the Swaro :)
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    Single best pic you've ever taken

    Evening. For my photography class. Just the deer and me...
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    How long have you been at your current job?

    30+ years. Too long! :)