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    Heated gloves/mitts for previously frostbit hands?

    I’ve gotten some mild frostbite and can feel the difference. But I didn’t have nine days of wondering whether or not I’d regain feeling in my fingers. Keep them warm. Check with a doctor. Raynaud’s can be connected to other stuff.
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    Heated gloves/mitts for previously frostbit hands?

    I am not a doctor. Talk to a doctor. That picture looks exactly like Raynaud’s Syndrome. I know someone that has it. Apparently, almost 5% of the population has it. Mostly undiagnosed. But I’m a paint guy.
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    "the tide abides for, tarrieth for no man, stays no man, tide nor time tarrieth no man" I get it brother. I was still a little broken up.
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    Woah! I’ve been back and forth on hunts. I missed all of these threads. The denouement of the BOAL thread? The resurrection of memes? Robby creating memes? The ability to figure out the BOAL ninja’s identity? Maybe someone could’ve given me a heads up so I didn’t have to stumble across this at...
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    Bino Harness what am I doing wrong?

    I use a KUIU harness. I’ve found that scanning with binos helps me to pick out animals, even in the thick stuff. Adding or shedding layers can occasionally be irksome.
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    2022 Illinois Public Land Buck

    Nice buck! Congratulations!!
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    RIP tribute your dog 2022

    We’ve had a tough year here. One of my wife’s two puppies collapsed and died in February at 5 1/2 months old. Eight months later, the female puppy from the same litter collapsed and died as well. Some sort of congenital heart problem. Really not a great experience for the kids.
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    WTS Scammed by K98!

    I have made several purchases here. Every single one was with a top notch guy. These threads are a bummer. It sucks that scumbags are infiltrating. Sorry you got burned.
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    Best kid one liners

    I was out for a bike ride with our middle one who was, I think, ten at the time. There’s a raised railroad bed that we cross at one point on the trail. I sped up and powered up the twelve feet or so of loose stone and dismounted jauntily at the top. My foot hit the loose stones and plowed a...
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    Outdoor, in-field camp storing: ideas

    Rockagator. Sea to Summit has a larger plain dry bag, I believe, but my river rat friends and I are fans of the Rockagator backpacks. They are, unfortunately more expensive now.
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    Tru Oil on veneer desktop? removing water stains, etc.

    I do not know if the Oxalic Acid that you use for your honeybees is the same as the Oxalic Acid Wood Bleach. Savogran packages the Oxalic Acid Wood Bleach. It is readily available in most paint and hardware stores. You mix it with hot water and apply with a brush. Work it with the brush with...
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    Tru Oil on veneer desktop? removing water stains, etc.

    I’m a coatings guy. It’s walnut. Probably a veneer. Do a couple of applications of Oxalic Acid Wood Bleach. Sand afterwards, with the grain, 120-150 grit. Wipe the desk top down with Paint Thinner/Mineral Spirits. If you like the appearance when the wood is wet with the thinner, let it dry...
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    Well…. I’m a Wyoming Landowner now.

    Looking good!! Great progress! Please keep posting as you go.
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    ANOTHER stolen bull…this time Aron Snyders?

    WTF!!! F’n people!
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    Elk Camp Delicacy

    That looks good!!
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    Short quotes that speak volumes.

    “You can be married six or seven times and each of those women can be a good woman, but you only get one good dog.” Elderly critic of the human condition, commenting on the temperament of my dog as he stood in the snow next to his eight foot mound of minnow traps and then ran his tongue over...
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    It’s been a while, but I hunted just South of there, not far from Greenville. Mixed woodlots, creekbeds, draws and lots of agricultural ground. Pretty good groceries, varied terrain with lots of funnels and pinch points. Good deer numbers. Some really good bucks. Pretty good potential. I got...
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    Justin’s Bear!

    Missed this. Congratulations Justin!
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    Creepy experiences in the backcountry

    Probably a meteor. I experienced a satellite flare once and it was pretty cool. About a second of daylight in the middle of the night.