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  1. Wright406

    Favorite Blaze Orange Vest

    I was fortunate enough to test the prototype of the Kuiu Precision Hunter vest as well as provide the photographs for the website. The vest worked well. Minimalistic but has some features. I do wish the zipper went higher but I can alter that myself
  2. Wright406

    WTS Spartan Valhalla Bipod

  3. Wright406

    WTB Glassing mitts

    I have a pair of the Kuiu Northstar Glommits i havent listed for sale yet. They are synthetic but work well. Let me know if interested.
  4. Wright406

    Pro's and Con's to Maven?

    I'm a big fan here. I have had most of their opinions in all facets. The wheel on the rangefinder is annoying, I will agree. But everything else in the B line and RS optics is top notch. The scopes track well, are clear and the warranty is stellar. Only had to use it once from dropping my...
  5. Wright406

    WTS Spartan Valhalla Bipod

    I liked it alot. Just have too many bipods currently!
  6. Wright406

    Hunting/PRS chassis or stock options

    I've tried this game for a few years. After a while of not being happy with the same rifle in conflicting end goals (competitions vs hunting) I ended up building a "budget" style competition. Since practice is cheaper with a 6.5CM and ammo is available i chose to make that a trainer/comp style...
  7. Wright406

    WTS Spartan Valhalla Bipod

    Bump. Taking offers!!
  8. Wright406

    Lighter bipod than atlas cal but still sturdy?

    MDT CKYEPOD single pull lightweight model
  9. Wright406

    WTT Bighorn mag bolt head for .308 bolt head

    Title says it all if you need a MAG bolt face I'd like to trade. Thanks! 406-594-1420 for fastest reply
  10. Wright406

    WTS FDE KRG Bravo 700SA

    Offloading a chassis I have laying around. Rem700 SA footprint, minimalist Spigot, and all the other items it came with. SOLD