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    College Help

    Important he gets a job that gives him the time to hunt a lot afterwards. I will tell him to put it on the back burner for four years
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    Texas Gun Proposals

    WOAH your head is really spinning do you need something to hold on to? You said you’re “all for raising the minimum age to 21” So I responded with something about age. Are you starting to see a possible connection? I’m not interested in helping you out of your dumbfounded bafflement but: The...
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    Texas Gun Proposals

    Yeah I could easily convince the Uvalde families to vote for bringing back hanging, firing squad, draw and quarter (that’s where you get your limbs ripped off your torso). Which would DEFINITELY reduce school shootings.
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    Texas Gun Proposals

    Then you’ve forgotten that kids used to start working at 12 and 5 year old kids used to fly on airplanes themselves
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    More great content from Muley Freak

    Oh of course.
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    Can you use Sitka marsh for turkey?

    No he’s just saying sarcastically that the Sitka camo won’t work. I’d say the Turkey do see in color so Marsh camo could be great depending on your spot.
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    More great content from Muley Freak

    What’s a long arm artist?
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    Gun related baby names for both girls and boys

    Winchester for girl - call her Winnie.
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    Proposed NM Assault Weapon Ban

    I want the best for people having a hard time but the explanations above about welfare have prompted me to say: when you choose to take welfare your vote should count as a half vote.
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    One leg shorter than the other

    Put a whole logging boot on the short side.
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    National Forest CLOSED for 60 days, For "Public Health and Safety"

    Some of us can survive almost anything but might want to risk it all/go past the point of no return. Where does it say we can’t do that? If Canada can have a tv commercial for assisted suicide, I can go hike whenever I want.
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    Creepy experiences in the backcountry

    lol no I’m thinking of a natural phenomenon explanation.
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    National Forest CLOSED for 60 days, For "Public Health and Safety"

    Posting complaints about this is hate speech.
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    Creepy experiences in the backcountry

    Send me map coordinates or post an image of the map.
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    Anyone using Ozonics or an ozone machine (and willing to admit it)?

    I have one. I only use it if I’m hunting less than a mile from my car. My main problem sitting a spot is spinning around too much. So with the ozonics I’ll look all around. I’m especially keen to see if it is working down wind! Without it I just sit still and eliminate the 90 degree downwind...
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    Garage Grown Gear Website - UL cottage companies in one place

    The 10oz knife says “for processing small game”.
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    Good but heartbreaking news

    If he was just trying to outsmart the system he would have snuck into their house, stolen a few stupid things and left. Actually stabbing an innocent person, especially women, it’s completely nuts. He also looks horrendous unlike some killers where you see the picture and scratch your head. I...
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    Good but heartbreaking news

    It’s the opposite of moral that the system prevents this guy from becoming the property of the victims families. Slave, reactive target, punching bag. fishing bait, fertilizer. How about green energy - he could run on a hamster wheel to generate their electricity.
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    Does anyone eat coyote regularly

    Crow jerky sounds like a bad idea.
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    Rogan #1914 - Siddharth Kara (cobalt mining)

    Not creature comforts once they are used to track you as a weapon owner with dangerous abilities.