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    Glacier National Park

    Polebridge and Lake Kintla are on my list to return to.
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    CO Parks & Wildlife Big Game Survey

    Different system, create new login.
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    CO Parks & Wildlife Big Game Survey

    You can have options, just not any that really decrease NR #s and their $. I did the survey, it wasn't encouraging.
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    Leupold vs Maven vs Meopta

    Welcome. Look up scope testing on here for your answer. I landed here b/c of a bad experience w Leupold.
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    Looking For A New Pack? Definitely Consider The AKEK CLIMAX !!

    Sign me up. SW CO and willing to recruit some other locals for reviews. On tap for me this year, weighted pack workouts, as much hunting as I can manage in CO, and fingers crossed for at least one other state for elk.
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    SWFA 3-9 unicorn quick look

    Replaced a mildot version with a new mil quad today. Didn't notice the eye piece needing to be overly extended. Three shots to sight in, only because I didn't see the first shot immediately, measured 0.6 mil left, 1.5 mil low with scope, corrected on dials and sent one dead center.
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    Scope Field Eval Explanation and Standards

    Im dumb, that makes sense.
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    Scope Field Eval Explanation and Standards

    Curious why well respected instructors would use 2-3k scopes that “go down”. What scopes are going down and how?
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    Scope Field Eval Explanation and Standards

    The SWFA 5-20 is on sale for like $750 right now. I'm partial to the reticle, so I chose it over the NF SHV F1 for about the same price.
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    Waterproof Duffel

    I have two, they are water resistant, but unless they have changed the zippers will let in water.
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    Can I add a stud to the power ring on the SWFA 3x9??

    Someone recently posted that an M4 thread will fit it. I need to try it; $35 a pop will add up for me on throw levers.
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    SWFA HD scopes 40% off

    I really like the 5-20, that is a heck of a discount! personally I wouldn't bother with the illumination, it works great right at first and last light, but the battery dies quickly and I'm not sure how it would do in the cold. To me the glass is much better than the 3-9 and 6xs, you pay for it...
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    Homemade hot sauce

    There is a recipe in Pickles, Pigs, and Whiskey for fermented hot sauce that I use. Blender full of your choice of peppers stem on (important), some garlic. Blend put in container with cheese cloth over top for 24hrs at room temp, then fridge for 30 days. Take out blend w champagne vinegar and a...
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    You like your truck camper shell for Hunting?

    Found a used ARE topper, Truck is black, topper was red. Had the exterior of the topper Rhino Lined. Not a "match", but looks good to me. Platform to sleep on. Platform across the front bed rails when kid can sleep, or I can use as storage shelf/cooking shelf. A chinese diesel heater could...
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    CPW seeks input, allocation of licenses Survey is open until 2/20 Probably posted already, but I came across this today. None of the questions lead me to believe they would have desirable outcomes across the board for residents.
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    Waterproof Duffel

    Watershed is what I would go with, I've seen some beat on pretty bad and still hold up.
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    Common hunting colloquialisms

    Grandpa watching me work a scythe "You gotta work smarter not harder" Has served me well in life.
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    CPW Commission is proposing ALL DRAW for elk

    I'm applying in WY and MT this year. I'd appreciate a similar setup for residents here in CO. Allow residents to hunt rifle and add on archery season option if they wish as general tag/OTC. NR go to a capped draw system for general tag, plus or minus archery for them in units with herd #s at...
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    Opportunity for first Elk Hunt in Montana

    There have been some good prices on Meopta binoculars in the classifieds lately, like $500 for 10x42s. I can't imagine upgrading them for my style of hunting. No idea of the Leupold binocular quality/durability, the Meoptas are good to go. Range finder and know what range that bullet hits...
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    Tikka T1X in 22lr

    Just checked, I have 18.5 mil available to dial. Looks to be dropping about 0.7 every 10 yards at 300 with sv cci. I'm at 13.6mil at 300. So should be able to get around another 70 yards on the dial.