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    2020 PSE Stealth Mach 1 best set up suggestions

    Yup that is all correct. The highest deflection (117) should be on the upper right to offset the induced lean from the cable slide then lower right is next 116.
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    Kevlar Shooting glove…anyone use this

    I honestly think the FMJ get a bad wrap on bending if your somewhat careful and spin them occasionally. I especially think at that spine both aluminum jacket and Carbon is thicker and more durable. Good luck
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    Mtn lion(s) kill 15 dogs in 30 days (Colorado)

    I don’t know what drama above is being referenced. I didn’t read anything but the first page but I’m happy to see the rich, granola eating, anti hunters (really just their pets for now) get theirs. All these folks that think these cuddly animals are their friends….reminds me of a guy who thought...
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    Preference points sold for profit?

    I’d buy em… don’t know who said it famously years ago but I hate to see that hunting is becoming a rich man’s sport. I am personally happy to outbid someone for extra opportunities but as hunting gets out of reach for some in the masses that means less hunters. Less hunters means an easier...
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    Kevlar Shooting glove…anyone use this

    Yikes, hope you have a speedy recovery. Happened to a friend years ago and I know he still shoots Easton acc’s or FMJ because of it. I was for a while . This is probably much better protection than a glove as his was in his forearm as well. I’m actually trying out some Victory VAP SS and I...
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    Victory RIP TKO vs VF TKO

    Standard .246 done with the micros and .204 shafts. There is enough evidence out there that standard shafts recover faster that any marginal gains from smaller diameters for wind are just not worth it. I think the penetration gig was up long ago as well. To me the only way to justify micros for...
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    Just got charged for my second choice, first was a point
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    Check out my new set up

    Nice, it’s amazing how well some of these new short ATA bows handle on target.
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    2022 Rokslide Cold Bow Challenge

    Well- 2022! Cold Bow Challenge again- thanks for running this!! Maximum Effective range 67 yards -A beautiful morning no wind to speak of.. Day 1 Mathews V3X29 68# 28.5"on 65# mod- Love this little guy. For such a short ATA I am really liking it at distance Easton Axis 300 Magnus Stinger 125...
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    Tuning tweak, will it work?

    I think you want a stiffer shaft, their 350 is an actual .342 deflection (spine) unless you have them cut short. I would try something stiffer after resetting your QAD to center (13/16” i think) and tune the cams from there. Or just to check you could reset center and lower poundage and go...
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    That is true about moving those from shoe to shoe, but my feet wouldn’t put up with the half length. Luckily it’s my daily boots or hiking boots and moving a full length custom was worth it. I’m dying to try the sheep feet but haven’t pulled the trigger myself.
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    new hoyt or mathews

    Feel the same way… and my first accessory ordered was the UV grip
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    How do you carry your bow?

    Dont judge me, but, I love my bowspider (or whatever it’s called). Looks cheesy works great. I also have a jakt bowsling I like
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    FNG from Idaho

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    So many boots! Honest opinion on best!

    I have a narrow heel and flat feet, the Crispi Colorados are great , they have a wider toe box. I hate my Lowa Camino’s, but with a regular foot maybe…the toe box in those is more pointed.
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    Spine question. Simple yes or no im guessing

    No, get some inexpensive, but effective, and great value black eagle outlaws. Being that stiff will work but be very unforgiving of form flaws
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    Backpacking Quiver

    Done this and it works. Wish I had pics of it

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