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    Stone Glacier Sale

    I think they had a sale around Christmas last year.....
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    Canvas wall tent reccomendations?

    Denver tent is having year end sale, may be something there for you. I have a Denver tent and really like it Custom Canvas Tents, Event Tents & Manufacturing
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    BRO Bear Reduction Operation? I can't imagine the grind of 45 days. I like the video's.
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    Chest carry in grizzly habitat

    Just like hflier said I wear a diamond d under bino pouch
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    3 film series - ‘Til the End.

    Great work!
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    Outlaw Romaine lettuce!

    "My food already ate it's vegetables..." Quote of the day!
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    let's discuss your folding knife. the one with you Right now :D

    SOG Spec Elite Automatic - Been carrying it for about 3 years..... Try an automatic you will like it!
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    Good gunsmith in MN

    Try calling Fred Ardoff FAE Gunsmithing above Capras (763) 780-4557
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    New rule for posting in the classifieds

    Great idea
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    Rob Your pm'@s are full! Randy

    Rob Your pm'@s are full! Randy
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    Another Season

    Have a great trip!
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    Bighorns Snowfall

    Thanks for the late season info!
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    Bighorns Snowfall

    I have a unit 37 type 6 (cow calf antler less) license, and work got in the way of my trip, next available time is Nov / Dec Is it worth venturing out Nov and Dec into unit 37......with all the snow.....
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    Mystery Ranch Crew Cab for sale = Multi Cam

    MR Crew Cab NEVER USED Multi Cam FS All Multi cam MR Crew Cab never used includes with 3 NICE load cells Day pack lid Upgraded waist belt contoured pockets Waist belt size L 38" - 46" yoke M 5'9 - 6'4". Paid $807.36. Will trade for fishing, outdoor, hunting items Sell for $450.
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    MeatEATER on Netflix is ruining me. (in a good way) Go to this link and tell them we you want meateater!
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    Kuiu binoculars harness Large

    Sold to DAS15 pending funds
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    Kuiu binoculars harness Large

    Large - Up to 10 x 42 (from KUIU web site), color is vias camo
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    Kuiu binoculars harness Large

    if no trade, $50.
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    Kuiu binoculars harness Large

    Used 4 or 5 days with rain cover Would like to trade for knives or other gear PM what you have Thanks

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