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  1. Jaquomo

    First time Western Hunt

    Aside from what the others have echoed, I would suggest NOT packing in and sticking yourself to a foot hunt from a base camp unless you know there will be elk there from a really reliable source. Use your pack to pack your elk out a mile or two from the road, staying mobile until you happen...
  2. Jaquomo

    OTC unit vs 1 PP draw Unit

    Depends on the unit. My home unit requires 0-1 but they give out 1100 archery tags, plus MLs and rifle bear hunters, the elk density is.low, hard to hunt with all the deadfall, and the success rate is lower that the adjoining units which are OTC. And hunters everywhere. If I couldn't...
  3. Jaquomo

    CPW Commission is proposing ALL DRAW for elk

    CPW has to spend a hell of a lot of resources on non game PC wildlife programs and suburban wildlife conflicts. We have over 6 million people, growing to 10 million soon. They have a bloated budget and find ways to spend it all.
  4. Jaquomo

    CPW Commission is proposing ALL DRAW for elk

    Weve been calling for this for decades. But that big NR money talks......
  5. Jaquomo

    Elk Hunting Reality

    There is no right or wrong answer. You hike however far you need to hike to find elk to hunt wherever you decide to hunt. Like an old cowboy told me nearly 50 years ago, "Elk are where you find them". I killed my last bull in National Forest 250 yards from a well-traveled county road, at...
  6. Jaquomo

    CPW - ‘Righting’ some Wrongs

    Move to CO if you can afford it. I just sold a little mountain cabin on 1.6 acres for $600K. Way cheaper to live in (pick your midwestern state) and pay NR license fees than to live here. Only reason I'm not selling everything and moving to WY is because I'm too vested here and too old to...
  7. Jaquomo

    CPW - ‘Righting’ some Wrongs

    Right. We will very likely be voting on lion and bobcat hunting in 2024, and it will be banned. Just wait until they put bowhunting on the ballot, backed (again) by big California money, and the media campaign floods our senses with nasty photos of animals with arrows in their eyeballs, gut...
  8. Jaquomo

    CPW - ‘Righting’ some Wrongs

    I understand your point, but how do we "hold them accountable" when only one member of the Parks and Wildlife Commission hunts, some Commissioners don't even know what a preference point is, the governor's husband who recommends appointments to the Commission is an anti-hunting animal rights...
  9. Jaquomo

    CPW - ‘Righting’ some Wrongs

    Resident hunters do what we can. But at less than 5% of the population, we are only a flea on a dog's back.
  10. Jaquomo

    CPW - ‘Righting’ some Wrongs

    I live in the CO mountains. Hnthrdr is right on the money. There are way more Subaru-Yakima-kayak-mountain bike-granola munchers in our small mountain towns than hunters. "Cabins" around where I live are $400k-1mil. On summer and fall weekends every campground and dispersed camp spot is...
  11. Jaquomo

    How to find a reputable outfitter and get a tag for that hunt?

    Sorry, that was intended for the OP, not you Northpark.
  12. Jaquomo

    How to find a reputable outfitter and get a tag for that hunt?

    What's your budget? Are you looking for a horseback-wall tent-wilderness hunt with lower success rate, or a private land-cabin-lodge hunt with higher success rate at a higher cost? What sort of physical condition are you both in?
  13. Jaquomo

    Let's talk Broadheads....

    I have a friend who has killed 55 elk with a bow, mostly with arrows in the 400 grain range total weight, 100 grain heads. My partner and I have killed 68, most with either Muzzy 125 or Slick Trick 125, with total arrow packages of around 420-440 grain. Most of these were killed with stickbows...
  14. Jaquomo

    Let's talk Broadheads....

    I've only needed to have one IW replaced, and that was after a pass through hit some rocks. No questions asked. Great head, great company.
  15. Jaquomo

    Preferred time of season to hunt mule deer

    Definitely November. My favorite week for rattling and calling mature muleys is the 10-17th. By the 17th they are usually locked on does and pretty visible. I only bowhunt them, but with a rifle anytime after about Nov 10 would be golden. In my experience, the true mature bucks are often...
  16. Jaquomo

    Tips on How to Hunt Heavily Roaded Units

    Elk are wherever hunters aren't hassling them. Often this is close to roads because, you know, we have to get way back in, as far as we can manage to find elk. This year I was regularly into multiple bugling bulls within 300-500 yards of heavily traveled roads in a heavily roaded unit...
  17. Jaquomo

    Signing up with guide services: What questions to ask during the phone call.

    Ask for a list of customers who weren't successful and call them. Then ask questions about aspects of the hunt you expect in order to meet YOUR expectations, skill set, diet, and physical considerations. A good friend just canceled a high dollar Utah guided archery elk hunt because the...
  18. Jaquomo

    What to shoot and not to shoot for bull elk?

    Come back and post some pictures ok? Good luck and enjoy every minute.
  19. Jaquomo

    What to shoot and not to shoot for bull elk?

    If you are 14 and this is your first elk hunt, shoot one if it looks good to you and be happy about it. You have plenty of time to ruin your life obsessing over an inch of bone here or there...
  20. Jaquomo

    Moose attacks bow hunter (Colorado)

    I live with moose all around my house in N. CO and have been chased by angry cow moose three times. Once when hiking, twice when elk hunting. They are frightening creatures and can go zero to sixty as fast as a Tesla. I don't know if bear spray will work on them, but I now carry it for moose...

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