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    Wet conditions hiking boot

    So two part answer..I live in SE Alaska, been wearing Hoffman armor pros at work last 4-5 years or thereabouts. In and out of a fuel truck all week, wear em year round. Enough water pouring straight off rain gear into, your feet can get wet, but I,ve only done that a couple times. And semi dry...
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    WTS CZ 457 VPT Manners 22

    Decided to keep the rifle, please post, of possible.
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    Athlon Helos BTR Gen2 2-12x42 Reviews?

    Was gonna order the MIL version w center dot, fat fingered it and just got the MOA, cross hair version in the mail today. For those who,ve tried both versions, which do you prefer, MIL or MOA version? I, m just putting this on a 22, so fully acknowledge I might be pole vaulting over mole hills..
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    WTS CZ 457 VPT Manners 22

    Scope has been sold, rifle still available, $950.
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    WTS CZ 457 VPT Manners 22

    El bumpo...
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    WTS CZ 457 VPT Manners 22

    For sale, as new safe queen, unfired except for test target. CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer, Manners stock, 16.5 " threaded barrel. Available as package deal with Athlon 4-20x50 Helos BTR Mil reticle scope, Seekins medium rings, and Triggers by Scar rail, shipped to your FFL for $1350, or...
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    WTS Athlon Helos BTR Gen 2 4-20x50

    Bought a year ago, been sitting loosely in rings on a safe queen, never out of the house. Will ship in original box. As new. APRS6 FFP, IR Mil Reticle $475, paypal.
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    Alpha Horizon Armory????

    Zippo test to see if there's any guns in the house..might be a little harsh, Wife would likely veto the idea anyway..
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    Alpha Horizon Armory????

    It was Venmo. Live and learn..
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    Alpha Horizon Armory????

    So, think I might have taken the hook and ran with it... 8 lb jugs of Retumbo online last week, saw that, jumped, got an order confirmation email, and better part of a week into it, still no shipping email. In retrospect, after a week of staying up till 11 or 12 staining and top coat a bunch of...
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    Winter work boot suggestions

    Hoffman Armor Pro steel toe work boots, 8 inch. Got a pair last summer, one of the wettest, most miserable summers I can remember in SE Alaska. Comfortable straight out of the box, feet didn't get wet last summer. Wore them all winter, might have dug out the pacs once or twice, they mostly just...
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    WTB WTB - Tikka T3x Superlite in 7mmRM OD Green

    It ain't a Super Lite, but I do have a 7 Mag T3X in a McMillan with a Super Chicken that I have thought about selling..
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    Cimmaron Half Nest Alternatives

    Bear Paw will make a pretty skookum half nest on request.
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    9mm backcountry?

    CZ P10C, one option. Fairly light, no FTFs or malfunctions yet, easy to shoot well. And it fits my paws fairly well, naturally lined up on target for me, I seem to hold low with a Glock.
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    Sold a Ridgeline to buy a Tikka

    Been there done that, some dirtbag stole the t shirt.. Had the Ridgeline in 30-06, and the Tikka in 7 Mag. Didn't want to like the Tikka as well as I did, but like it I did. Ridgeline went down the road.
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    Tell me i'm not crazy- 30-06 vs. 300 win mag recoil impulse

    Stock geometry, your build, 101 different factors. I,m built more like Hobbes than Calvin, tall, long arms and longish neck. On paper the 06 cases all sound like they should be a gentler sort than the Win Mag cases, but that hasn't panned out. Three little brothers, and none of em like the 06...
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    Tikka or CA Mesa ??

    So...had not planned on being in the same boat a couple years ago. Long story short, picked up a CA Ridgeline, 30-06..and around the same time, rounded up a Tikka T3x, in 7 Mag. Figured the Ridgeline likely turn into the go to, thought the Tikka would be a fine mule to try out a 7 Mag. Never...
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    Seek outside flight line pack

    What is the probable weight of the Short Tail?
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    Tikka break-in

    They are a drama free machine, that's for sure..