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  1. onderz

    WTS 40% OFF - SIG SAUER 15x56 -ZULU 9 - NEVER USED

    2.7lbs (43.2 oz) Let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. onderz

    WTS 40% OFF - SIG SAUER 15x56 -ZULU 9 - NEVER USED

    New (Never Used) SIG SAUER ZULU 9 15x56 Binoculars - $1,000.00 - 40% OFF MSRP -Normally $1,689.99 + Shipping and TAX - $1,000.00 Shipped Lower 48 - Venmo Payment Only I have a pair of Sig Sauer ZULU 9 15x56 that have never been used. I just opened the box for photos. These binos have been...
  3. onderz

    Sold 40% OFF - LAKEWOOD 41" Bow Case Combo - NEVER USED

    New LAKEWOOD 41" Bow Case Combo - $180.00 - 40% OFF MSRP -Normally 299.99+ Shipping and TAX - $180.00 Shipped Lower 48 - Venmo Payment Only I received this as a gift but unfortunately I needed the longer 45" case to hold my bow. This has never been used, and has been in my garage the entire...
  4. onderz

    Kifaru 44mag or Hoodlum

    I would recommend the hoodlum base on what you've described. Depending on the amount of CI you normally use compared to these bags, for most customers the Hoodlum is more of a 5-7 day (Average Customer) bag, whereas the 44 is more of a 3-5 day range. This doesn't mean that you couldn't make...
  5. onderz

    handgun holsters on kifaru packs

    I would highly recommend JC Custom Kydex. Usually, the only thing I recommend to customers.
  6. onderz

    DIY Electric Smoker Cart

    Great Idea for any Masterbuilt!
  7. onderz

    Gritty Podcast Kifaru vs Stone Glacier

    If you watch any of his videos he's not even wearing the packs correctly. He never loosens the load lifter straps so there are massive gaps in the shoulder straps and he never seats the pack on his iliac crest. just his comment alone of "I've been fitted by Aron" goes to show you his extent of...
  8. onderz

    Kifaru Product Flush?

    Eastern Rucks are 40 % off currently but you have to call in and there are only Highlander or Multicam left.
  9. onderz

    My Sherman clone

    where did you get the P cord from?
  10. onderz

    CO dogless public land bird hunting

    Growing up I did my fair share of private land bird hunting in CO, WY, and ND but we have always had a dog along. Not sure if anyone has any tips, tricks, or tactics going forward without a dog, but figured I'd ask in case someone else is in the same boat and has had some luck. Just been having...
  11. onderz

    Iron Will Broadhead and Reinforced HIT System - Winner Announced!

    Fingers crossed!!
  12. onderz

    Jetboil MiniMo Canister Stove

    I am selling my Jetboil MiniMo for 95 Shipped friends and family. Used maybe five times last season. Just looking to switch to a smaller setup. I am new to this site so my apologies if I'm doing something incorrect.
  13. onderz

    Fix for a Broken Sternum Strap

    Its hard to tell from the photo but if you wanna give me a call 303-278-9155 here at Kifaru we cant get you a replacement one.