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    Why you dont hunt with some people anymore

    I quit hunting with someone because they were too active on interweb hunting forums.

    Rokslide 2020 Best Youth Hunt Photo Contest, sponsored by Western Edge Gear

    2020 was a bit of a downer year, I found out in mid August I had a tumor in my heart. Two months after getting through a risky open heart surgery, my son, Cade, was able to harvest his first big game animal with me by his side.

    Suppressor legality question

    About a month ago I had open heart surgery, and after a few conversations/arguments with my surgeon, we decided I will do a little hunting this fall. I’ve sacrificed most of my hunts, but I do have a couple antelope tags and an Idaho deer tag. His concern is shooting a rifle too soon while my...

    Idaho Youth Hunt GMU 52

    SW corner between turkey lake road and the private to the south.....should be easy. Couple hundred in there last year

    ***Official 2020 Western Hunting Expo thread***

    What is the length of pull range on the sig cross?

    Who has been in on a double?

    I was part of an 8/8 day on bulls about ten years ago, four of us went 4/4 in one group first thing in the morning. That afternoon I met some of my relitives and got on another group and they went 4/4. Pretty epic man hugs.

    Whats he score?

    Great deer, i’d speculate 180”+ out of him. Most of us would be thrilled to have that deer as a baseline/fallback going into the season with a tag in hand. Hopeful you can tip him over.....BTW I wouldn’t even score that buck if I shot it, it’s a quality deer regardless of what the math says.

    Washington early seaon bruins?

    I’ve been pretty successful up high in August. Personally, I get serious about bears about the 3rd week in August (and into mid September) and I’ve never had a problem with the hides of a Washington fall bear (even earlier in the month) Food sources are THE key to killing bears, so where your...

    Trophy Taker Option Sight

    Just got one. Great sight!
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    Where's the best place to get a deal on Nightforce scopes?

    Call one shot gear. They will get you a great price on nightforce......I've bought a couple from them and got great deals.
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    The Rokslide/First Lite Buck Hunt - Ryan Avery/ Kenton Carruth

    What are your guys expectations as far as deer quality?
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    trophy room ideas

    For sure use plywood over osb........I suggest 5/8 if you can afford it, especially if you have any good size elk shoulder mounts. Remember to change you door/window jambs accordingly if your using prehung.
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    Guesses on score?

    It is a rocky and you are the closest with your original guess.
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    Guesses on score?

    I'd sure love to see some more footage so I could make a more informed guess. ;)
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    What would you chose if you had a choice.

    That pack you have will work fine especially when empty........which it may likely be if you can't spot an animal to shoot. Always go for optics! The rub marks and sore back will be gone in a week. A high quality pack is wonderful, but they don't kill the deer (or elk).
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    Mule deer beats out whitetail, ha ha

    I personally think nothing taste better than a 180"+ mule deer......but that's just me!
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    Elk for dinner!!!

    I'm not exactly sure what kind of concoction my wife throwing together, but one things for sure.....I shot it.
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    Rokslide/North Idaho Spring backpacking trip!

    He may or may not wear pants.....I don't know. BUT, I can guarantee, he will be eating plenty of dick shaped foods. I'm in for a couple days. justin, you should pick me up on the way over :)
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    Rokslide/North Idaho Spring backpacking trip!

    I'd love to go......Ryan will you bring your lrkm so I can play with it?