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    Lined pant recommendation

    Go with the Wrangler ATG fleece lined that Hunt1up. I have a set. Wore them for my entire AZ late season elk hunt with no long John’s required.
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    Wyoming Special Draw Increase - Killed in the Senate

    The Wyoming Senate killed the NR special draw increases by a vote of 20-10. I didn’t think it would pass, but it was actually not as close a vote as I thought it would be.
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    Wyoming HB0200

    There's several threads ongoing about this subject. The increases for D/E/A outlined in this bill are the proposed Special License application fee increases (along with OIL species tag increased). It will make a Special Elk tag over $2000, and deer and antelope both total about $1200. The...
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    One leg shorter than the other

    Maybe call Lathrop and Sons Boots and see if this is something that they could do for you. Or any other full custom boot/shoe shop.
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    Midland Texas Safari Club Extravaganza this weekend anyone interested?

    The the Jim Hall cars are still there. They pull them out and drive them around the parking lot every once in a while. My daughter goes to Fannin, live two blocks from there.
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    Carbon 6 barrels

    Built my 300 win mag with a C6 barrel 3-4 years ago. It's awesome. They did the gunsmithing still at the time, so they mounted it to my action as well. I do not believe they have that option currently.
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    Midland Texas Safari Club Extravaganza this weekend anyone interested?

    The Petroleum Museum is actually pretty interesting, Museum of the Southwest is here also. This time of year and as dry as it has been you can probably skip the I-20 Wildlife Area and look at the Sibley Nature Center. Anytime there's water and later in the spring it can be nice. Kid's stuff...
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    Wyoming nonresident proposal

    Remember that those increases are just the extra fee on top of the regular tag price to apply in the Special Draw. So deer and antelope will both be almost $1300 total and the special elk draw will cost about $1960. I’m not sure this one will pass, but sort of glad I burned my antelope points...
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    Dog throws up in truck

    My American Water Spaniel (2yo) does the exact same thing. Does better on long/highway trips. It’s 100% car sickness because i can’t throw him in the truck and run errands around town. It’s all the turns that get him. He rides in a crate in the back of the car now. He puked on a 4 hour car ride...
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    Building points in non hunt years

    I would ask where you are located and to probably just look at building points in the states closest to you. So if you live in Wisconsin, I wouldn't tell you to build points in Arizona and Nevada for example (wouldn't tell anybody to start building points in Nevada actually). Costs to Build...
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    Seek Courthouse

    I have used a SO 12-man Tipi and I think you would end up with approximately the same usable space between the 12 and the Courthouse when using cots. With the Courthouse having a smaller footprint, I feel it may be easier to find a place to set it up. I tried to rent the Courthouse from RGG...
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    Best kid one liners

    Took my almost 6 year old daughter to deer camp this weekend. She was on an air mattress and my dad and I on opposing bunk beds. In the dark my dad and I were just having a short conversation about something when Grace interrupts us with a straight up, "Less talking, more sleeping."
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    Did you miss an animal this year?

    Off-hand 40-60 yard shot on what would likely have been my first 80" pronghorn. 2020 I missed an off-hand 30 yard shot on what would be my biggest mule deer by a 30" margin. Rifle/Muzzleloader misses. Need to remember to practice off-hand shooting a little bit.
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    What to do with a broken euro mount of a small buck

    Make a base like this and you can rotate the broken side of the skull away from view. I also have a mule deer that a follow up shot found his face, could have glued some of it back together, but it looks pretty interesting that way too. If the mount just fell and broke, a bit less interesting of...
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    Missed/non-recovered game

    I have clean missed several animals. But animals that I know that I have hit and not recovered, is 2, ever. Both doe whitetails. I’ve killed 20+ whitetails over the years in Texas, and 11 animals out west over the last 6-7 years.
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    More bad news for Canada

    This was actually my initial response.
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    More bad news for Canada

    You guys haven't been into a store lately have you... Missing out I tell you.
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    Idaho Tag Site Already Crashed

    Just make the general tags a draw for non-residents already. We all know its coming and it wouldn't be this stupid. Just tried to get on before checking Rokslide and saw it was crashed and literally laughed out loud in my office. I wasn't even planning on buying a tag this year but was going...
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    Struggling to find western hunting partners

    I solo the majority of my hunts. 2022 - 3 solo hunts (1 pronhorn/2 elk; 2 of the 3 tags filled). 2021 - My dad went with me on my Utah General Deer hunt, but I hunted Colorado mulies solo. 2020 - 3 hunts/4 tags, had a buddy come with me on one of them, a unit close to home that we had both...
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    How Do You Determine What Units You Apply For? (w/ points)

    Similar to Jason. I have long term plans (trophy hunts) and short term (opportunity hunts). Basically all of Utah, except general deer and antlerless, and Nevada is all trophy/long term status, putting in for “big time” units. I’m at the same point level as the OP for AZ deer, I’m saving...

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